Foreign Affairs Minister apologizes for vaping in parliament, pays RM250 fine

Hishammuddin dubbed ‘Shishammuddin’ for quick smoke under his face mask

Nice Rice: ‘Uncle Roger’ praises BBC presenter’s technique (Video)

‘The rice looks OK. No more sad, gloopy rice.’

Nice Rice: ‘Uncle Roger’ praises BBC presenter’s technique (Video)

Michelle Yeoh to star in Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’

The Malaysian-born actress recently posted photos of herself in Sydney, where filming resumed.

Michelle Yeoh to star in Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’

Mahathir confirms he is forming a new political party

He expects to register the party soon.

Mahathir confirms he is forming a new political party

Is Mahathir forming another political party?

A Bersatu 2.0 may be announced later at 4pm.

Is Mahathir forming another political party?

So Fancy: Bangkok shoppers can now hail these Londonesque taxis

Cebu Pacific requires passengers to wear face shields during entire flight

Expect to Songkran by end of October: deputy PM

This Bangkok bus stop can see the future (of buses)

Only PCR test result required for air travel: Soekarno-Hatta official

The Latest (So Far): Malacañang bans non-essential travel for Filipinos anew

Thai travelers should get more cash back for weekday trips: TAT

Rain Check: Only foreigners with permanent visas can enter the Philippines

Thai immigration amnesty extension ‘very likely’


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