A near miss at Klebang beach: Parachutist’s unexpected landing

A recent TikTok video captured a heart-stopping moment near Klebang Beach, as a skydiving enthusiast’s descent took an unexpected turn. 

Witnessing the event firsthand, netizen Khai documented the incident on his social media platform, leaving viewers with a mix of adrenaline and relief.

The video begins with Khai and his family observing the graceful descent of one parachutist, who appears to land safely in a nearby field. As they watch in anticipation, the camera pans upwards to reveal several more canopies dotting the sky, nearing dry land. 


mcm nak gugur jantung

♬ Dj Komando Latihan Pertempuran (Remastered 2022) – VHOZZ

However, the tranquil scene takes a dramatic turn when the next parachutist loses control due to strong winds. Instead of reaching the designated landing zone, the individual veers off course and collides with a car parked by the roadside. The impact, fortunately, appears to be minor, with both the parachutist and the vehicle emerging with only superficial damage.

Khai’s video captures the initial shock and concern of onlookers, followed by a wave of relief as the parachutist emerges unharmed, even sharing a lighthearted photo with Khai’s mother. 

In the comments section, Khai reveals that the unexpected landings were not isolated occurrences. Several other parachutists that day were similarly affected by the strong winds, highlighting the importance of careful planning and risk assessment in such activities.


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