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Puppy ‘charged’ with getting lost by Lumphini cops

Name: Golden Retriever. Charge: Getting lost. Lumphini police said today that they’re still looking for the owner of a puppy they found underneath a condominium building last night.  Sgt. Chatchai Kunwong of Lumphini Police said Tuesday that...

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Thai fare reimagined at gallery-like Small Dinner Club


The entrance on Charoen Krung Road is fairly typical of a two-story shophouse: naked concrete walls, a simple entrance, and a doorbell. The only obvious indication that this isn’t just somebody’s home are the three golden letters S.D.C. —...

Neilson Hays Library celebrates 101st anniversary


A historic library housing thousands of English-language books in Bangkok’s Silom area will throw a one-day party to mark its 101st anniversary next month.  After missing its centenary last year, the Neilson Hays Library will host 101 Years...

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