Thailand plans to eliminate 3 types of plastic this year

Thailand aims to rid itself of three types of plastics by the end of this year. The manufacture and use of plastic cap seals, small particles called microbeads and plastic  that...

World’s worst passenger dies in Thailand

A morbidly obese American who bullied at least one young woman into wiping his ass will no longer be tormenting...

World’s worst passenger dies in Thailand

Bangkok Easter: Where to hunt eggs, stuff face and more

Easter Sunday is upon us, lovely readers and have no fear of missing out on the festivities in one of the world’s...

Bangkok Easter: Where to hunt eggs, stuff face and more

Americans in Thailand can now get retirement benefits by direct deposit

Americans receiving social security, veterans or federal retirement benefits can now have them directly deposited free...

Americans in Thailand can now get retirement benefits by direct deposit

‘Sacred water’ from all provinces sanctified for coronation

Eighty-six vases of water collected from every province in the kingdom and consecrated at a Bangkok temple last night...

‘Sacred water’ from all provinces sanctified for coronation

Genesis Creative Centre in Berawa takes the coworking concept to the next level

Visita Iglesia Stops: These amazingly beautiful Philippine churches are worth a visit this Holy Week

Top things to do at Jewel Changi Airport: Where to eat, shop, and be entertained at the new lifestyle complex

Staycation spot: Kesa House on Keong Saik Road is a boutique ‘flexible living’ concept with communal spaces

3 Songkran music festivals in Bangkok that are worth checking out this weekend

Review: Cocoon Hotel is a tastefully designed, chill spot near Quezon City’s party central

Coconuts Hot Spot: The Pansodan, Yangon’s first ‘Burmese brasserie’

Traditional breakfasts in Singapore: The best dishes locals love and where to try them

Posh People Problems: New ride-sharing service lets you book a helicopter to beat Manila’s traffic


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