Thailand’s new COVID app? ‘Garbage,’ its developers say.

Accusations that health officials sabotaged the data in their own health-tracking app to give a rosier impression of COVID-19 risks were backed up today by a respected academic...

Hidden Thonglor bar launches cafe to survive Lockdown 2.0

The first time bars were ordered shut and a booze ban slapped in place, a Thonglor speakeasy behind a row of gym...

Hidden Thonglor bar launches cafe to survive Lockdown 2.0

BTS fare jump will harm public, lawmakers say

Lawmakers objecting to City Hall plans to nearly double maximum BTS fares plan to lodge a formal complaint this week....

BTS fare jump will harm public, lawmakers say

Koh Samui cop accused of raping Burmese woman freed on bail

A senior Koh Samui police officer was freed on bail this morning, a day after he was accused of raping a Burmese woman...

Koh Samui cop accused of raping Burmese woman freed on bail

Bangkok warns it may nearly triple max fares on BTS Sukhumvit Line

Long rides on the BTS Green Line will get more expensive next month, with the new maximum fare possibly climbing to...

Bangkok warns it may nearly triple max fares on BTS Sukhumvit Line

On foreigner privilege, gentrification, and racism: How one American digital nomad’s Twitter thread about Bali sparked backlash

Indonesian gov’t restores airplane flight occupancy rate to full despite new restrictions

Indonesia extends border closure to all foreign visitors until Jan. 28

Baguio City hiking trail closed indefinitely after tourists dump trash, destroy plants

Bali has updated its test requirements for incoming domestic travelers. Here’s what you should know

366,000 people visited Bali for Christmas and New Year holidays

Thailand’s peak park season cut short as COVID closes key sites

16 thousand passengers passed through Ngurah Rai Airport at Christmas holiday peak: official

Tourism minister Sandiaga Uno says his idea of a halal-friendly Bali is ‘over’


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