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Young woman ran over by truck in Denpasar

A 23-year-old woman was killed on site after a truck ran over her in Denpasar yesterday morning, with police launching an investigation into the tragic accident. The fatal accident occurred on Jl. Ahmad Yani Utara, when the truck in question...

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Hej Bali! Ikea opens first store outside Java today


Those of us in Bali can now say a proper hej to Swedish meatballs and Scandinavian home goods, as Ikea has officially expanded outside of Java island today with the opening of their fifth Indonesian outlet. In September, an ongoing renovations...

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Coconuts Bali is the leading English source of local news in Bali, (Pulau Dewata, Island of the Gods) and we operate exclusively online. We run up to date news stories on a daily basis, from across the island, covering a number of relevant issues, from crime, to health, to transportation, to urban development. From Badung in the south to Buleleng in the north, from Jembrana in the west, to Karangasem in the east, and everything in between (we see you, Ubud), our scope is literally island-wide. We especially love breaking those quirky stories that you would find in the metro news section of your local paper. Cows invading the main road? On it! Super old human skulls uncovered in some random village? We’re there! No one else is really translating those stories from bahasa Indonesia over to English in Bali—except for us. Meanwhile, if there is a big international story that the foreign press is actually reporting on (usually involving Australians or other bule aka foreigners in trouble with the law in Bali) we are also all over it, running updates at lightning speed, and aggregating all the most important and interesting slices of what is happening. And about the net, of course we are on top of all that is viral and buzzed about on social media when it comes to this island. Seriously, we live on social media, which happens to be dominated by Facebook and Instagram in Bali. Get your Bali scoop here, you heard it here first.