Coconuts Editorial Policies

Our mission

Our mission is to inform and entertain our audience by publishing true stories that matter about Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, KL, Jakarta, Bali, and Yangon.

Our core values

1. We believe in freedom of expression.
2. We promote equality and justice for all people regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or wealth.
3. We fight to protect animals and the environment.

Separation of editorial and advertising

Coconuts Media’s editorial and advertising departments are strictly separated.

Coconuts Media does not take payment in return for editorial coverage, adjust editorial content to meet advertisers’ wishes, or avoid subjects that may be sensitive for advertisers.

Our advertisements often take the form of branded content, whereby we create promotional videos, graphics, photography, and/or written stories paid for by the advertiser.

The editorial department plays no part in the creation or promotion of branded content.

Read our full Advertising Policies here.

Corrections and Editor’s Notes

We strive to get everything right, but occasionally – like any media outlet – we do make errors.

We don’t run corrections for minor typos (misspellings, inconsequential numerical errors, grammatical errors) that do not change the meaning of the story.

Any time we make an error that rises above this threshold, we correct it as quickly as possible and run a Correction at the bottom of the story.

When no factual error was made but we’ve edited a story to clarify, add information, or add context, we run an Editor’s Note at the bottom of the story explaining the change.

Complimentary events, meals, and press trips

Our editorial department is often approached by PR agencies, businesses, and brands offering complimentary event tickets, meals, and press trips.

On a case by case basis, we accept these offers in order to publish more stories on a wider range of food, lifestyle, and travel subjects than we’d otherwise be able to do with our own editorial budget.

It is imperative to us that we maintain our editorial independence and are honest with our readers, and we only write about something if we think it’s interesting or useful to our audience.

So our editorial department accepts these complimentary offerings on the following conditions:
1. We don’t promise positive coverage, share any part of the article with the business before it’s published, or allow the business to guide the story in any way. There’s no quid pro quo.
2. We always denote in the article what complementary goods or services Coconuts received.

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Updated Oct. 24, 2019.