Mr. Wally just got a little tougher to find

Where’s Waldo? Not on the Mong Kok street corner he once occupied, and he’s not happy about it The busker from Japan who goes by the performing name “Mr. Wally” – a nod...

Punted ParknShop pooch has netizens in an uproar

Five seconds of viral video have Hong Kong animal lovers on the rampage this week – and understandably so. The video,...

Punted ParknShop pooch has netizens in an uproar

Ruling a ‘big win’ for same-sex couples in Hong Kong

A British lesbian on Monday won the right to live and work in Hong Kong with her partner in a landmark legal decision...

Ruling a ‘big win’ for same-sex couples in Hong Kong

Shipping containers a short-term housing solution for low-income Hongkongers?

Hong Kong may have a – temporary – solution for its seemingly never-ending housing woes: shipping containers. The...

Shipping containers a short-term housing solution for low-income Hongkongers?

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