Being a doctor made her parents proud. Going on OnlyFans made her rich.

Nang Mwe San’s parents had her life charted out. Born in Shan state’s Kuching area and raised in Yangon, she fulfilled their dreams by enrolling in medical school. By 20 she...

COVID-19 now under control in Yangon: ASSK

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi says the explosive outbreak of coronavirus infections has been brought under control...

COVID-19 now under control in Yangon: ASSK

Wife of slain Yangon man refuses to believe he died in gay hookup

Last week, Yangon police in Hmawbi township arrested two men suspected of robbing and killing a 30-year-old Myaung Taka...

Wife of slain Yangon man refuses to believe he died in gay hookup

New Toy: Myanmar’s military shows off Russian attack sub

When the Tatmadaw navy conducted its annual exercises, it had a new asset to brag about: the UMS Min Ye Thain Kha Thu,...

New Toy: Myanmar’s military shows off Russian attack sub

Myanmar’s Bagan is arena for Nicolas Cage to battle alien predator in ‘Jiu-Jitsu’

A Hollywood national treasure hunter at his best in the oddest roles is set to kick – and presumably punch – alien...

Myanmar’s Bagan is arena for Nicolas Cage to battle alien predator in ‘Jiu-Jitsu’

Emergency Chic: Thai Airways turns life vests into fash-forward bags

Antigen tests no longer required from outbound Filipino travelers, says Malacañang

Pack Your Bags: Filipinos allowed to go on non-essential travel starting Oct. 21

TikTok showing miniature ‘kampung’ in Australian zoo has Indonesians hyped

Filipinos traveling to Singapore must present negative swab tests before boarding

Forget COVID-19? Filipinos can travel all over Russia under relaxed e-visa rule in 2021

Dive into the Andaman again when Similans reopen Oct. 15

Sip on these savings: Buy two bottles and get one free at the 10.10 Wine Sale

Boracay’s Come Back: One of the world’s best islands reopens today


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