OMG it’s something weird for your wall, Coconuts Yangon

What does the color green mean to you? Energy? Life? Growth? For us, it’s everything juicy and fresh, which might just be the thing your wall needs. Special edition fabric wall...

Myanmar actress held by junta wins ‘best performance’ at German film fest

A Burmese actress last night won an award at an international film festival in Germany despite the fact that she –...

Myanmar actress held by junta wins ‘best performance’ at German film fest

Three Myanmar women among ‘most influential’ of 2021: Time

Three Myanmar women yesterday joined the likes of Prince Harry, Joe Biden and Youn Yuh Jung as the year’s most...

Three Myanmar women among ‘most influential’ of 2021: Time

Bomb at Ocean Shopping Mall as attacks multiply across Yangon

A bomb exploded at the Ocean Supercenter in Yangon’s 9 Mile area this morning, the latest in a string of attacks in...

Bomb at Ocean Shopping Mall as attacks multiply across Yangon

It’s going on in Yangon: Coconuts’ 10 most-read stories

There’s not sugarcoating it, Yangon: It’s been a bad year. We too remember the promise of a new Myanmar where...

It’s going on in Yangon: Coconuts’ 10 most-read stories

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