Bagan UNESCO bid to be submitted this month

The Myanmar government is expected to submit an application for the Bagan Archaeological Zone to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the end of this month, state media...

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh protest repatriation move

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees staged protests in Bangladesh Friday against plans to send them back to Myanmar, where a...

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh protest repatriation move

Yangon rice market reels from fraud case

A multi-billion-kyat case of rice export fraud has grown over the last two weeks and damaged dozens of rice...

Yangon rice market reels from fraud case

800 endangered Burmese star tortoises released into the wild

Conservation groups have released 800 Burmese star tortoises into two of Myanmar’s wildlife sanctuaries in an effort...

800 endangered Burmese star tortoises released into the wild

6 splendid staycation ideas for Chinese New Year 2018

Tiruchirappalli, Lucknow, and Kochi: Spread your wings and explore the captivating cultures of India

Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou: Seek ancient history, culinary delights and natural beauty in China

The best vegetarian banh mi in Ho Chi Minh City (PHOTOS)

Get Ready: 400,000 Chinese tourists to descend on Thailand over New Year holidays

Instafamous Chiang Mai waterfall cafe to be partially demolished over encroachment (VIDEO)

Singapore lands in second place behind Germany in 2018’s Henley Passport Index

Massive, magical fields of sunflowers are blooming now in rural Thailand (PHOTOS)

Singapore Airlines ranks among the top 20 safest carriers in the world for 2018


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