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There’s no debate that Myanmar cuisine is the best cuisine in the world (and anyone who says otherwise is wrong), and the great thing about living in a city like Yangon is that you can sample food from almost anywhere else in the country. But our selection doesn’t stop there — Yangon is an increasingly diverse city, and that’s reflected in our equally ever-growing diverse food scene. So whether it’s traditional Myanmar street food, a healthy dosing of authentic Italian spaghetti, or the Kathedral of Fried Chicken — if you’re craving it, Yangon’s got it. Here at Coconuts Yangon, we enjoy good food and good booze, and we like sharing it with our friends (i.e. you) too — peruse through our restaurant/pub/bar/street stall reviews to see where you should have your next romantic date, or which place has the best Shan kauk swe (an always contentious topic within the Coconuts office). We know it’s hard to keep up with which Yaw Min Gyi establishments are actually still open and which have permanently shut their doors, or what new American chain is opening up their first branch in town, or where the YCDC is moving all of our favorite street vendors, but we’ll do the hard research so all you have to focus on is eating and drinking the night away. Regardless of if you’re a newbie in town, a visitor trying to find some authentic local cuisine, or are just getting tired of going to the same restaurants within a one-mile radius of your house, Coconuts Yangon has an always up-to-date guide on Yangon’s ever evolving food (and drink!) scene.

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