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Features are among our favorite things to publish here at Coconuts Yangon, mainly because they allow us to delve deep into a really cool/exciting/interesting aspect of life in Yangon or Myanmar in general. Although our daily news updates are sharp and generally designed to be read while on the go, our features are where readers come when they’re sitting back with a nice cup of tea and want to read some in-depth pieces that aren’t always necessarily timely, but are all equally engaging and thought-provoking. If you have a really large chunk of free time on your hands, take a look through our dedicated ‘Long Reads’ section where the articles may be long (who would’ve thunk), but they’re also so fascinating that you’ll be too engrossed by the research to pay attention to the length. In the past, we’ve interviewed people who are working to preserve the city’s rich heritage, investigated what’s prompting Myanmar youth to ditch their chosen English names for their given Myanmar ones, and published unique op-eds on a range of topics by individuals from various fields — and there are still loads more pieces that we’re currently working on and even more that we’re planning on working on. Regardless of whether it falls under the topic of art, history, science, sports, or literally anything else, if it pertains to Myanmar and is something we ourselves would like to read, then we’re writing it. Conversely, if there’s a piece that you’d like to read that no local media, including ourselves, has written, feel free to send us a pitch. In the meantime, make a cup of yay nway gyan, settle down, and happy reading!

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