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Myanmar is changing quickly, and nowhere is that more true or more exciting than in Yangon. A city that a few years ago was unknown to most people in the rest of the world is now on the map as an artistic and innovative hub, drawing in internationally renowned artists from a wide range of fields. The Lifestyle section of Coconuts Yangon covers everything from modern ways to wear the traditional longyi to stoners debating the reason for a sudden lack of weed in the city to the many ways art makes history here. This is also where we give you guys heads-ups about upcoming concerts, interesting movies that are coming to local cinemas, the latest shopping boutiques, and any other kewl activities and events that we think are worth mentioning. Whether you’re looking for ticket sale dates for an upcoming EDM festival, the opening date of the newest shopping mall, or an overview of a currently ongoing art exhibition to see if it’s something you’d be interested in, Coconuts Yangon’s Lifestyle guide is here to please. Yangon’s lifestyle scene always has something for everyone, and even if you often find yourself feeling like there’s nothing really exciting to do in town (we get that not everyone enjoys raving to EDM on a weekly basis), we guarantee that there’s something going on that caters to your interests — you just need to know where to find it; luckily for you, Coconuts Yangon’s Lifestyle section is the perfect place to start looking.

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