Dojo and Hubud coworking spaces are joining forces from March onwards

As of March 1, two of Bali’s most beloved co-working venues, Dojo and Hubud, will... Read on

Coconuts Bali Directory Contest: Submit your event or business for a chance to win a free advertising campaign!

If you’ve been clicking around Coconuts lately, then you’ll have noticed the expansion of... Read on

LTCA: A world-class tennis center and academy is opening in Umalas in May

Whether it’s a slick five-star resort or blaring beach club, development in Bali powers... Read on

Best New Bali Beach Clubs of 2018: Five fresh spots to sun, swim, booze in Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Pandawa, and Canggu

If there’s one hospitality concept that Bali’s really ran off with and mastered, it’s... Read on

Digital Detox: Bali’s Ayana Jimbaran bans use of mobile phones by one of its resort pools

Bloggers beware, a popular five-star resort in Bali has banned the use of mobile... Read on

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Coconuts Bali Directory Contest: Submit your event or business for a chance to win a free advertising campaign!

We never really make a point of going to Umalas. In fact, we usually just pass around it on our way from Seminyak to Canggu — but we found ourselves spending the Chinese New Year holiday in Bumbak for a change of scenery. Full disclosure: We were invited to check out the premises and stay a ...

Coconuts Bali Lifestyle

Take a break from the news (both the hard crime stuff and soft viral heart-warming pieces we are known to cover) and get swept up into the Coconuts Bali lifestyle section. We love the news, really we do, but you can never really understand and experience a place without feeling its lifestyle and getting in tune with culture. Let’s be honest, Bali is a culture-rich island with loads to write on and explore. Stories on the island’s dazzling and intriguing arts, entertaining showbiz, hip and traditional music, trendy fashion & shopping, LGBT+, sexuality & dating, and Bali special city (aka island) guides get regularly posted to get into Bali’s booming cultural sphere. Need to know which volcano in Bali you should climb? We have answers. How to pass the time on a rainy day during ‘musim hujan’ when going to the beach isn’t really the best of ideas? We’ve got the rundown. Where are the best swim-up bars or Sunday brunch buffets with alcohol packages (we see you alcies out theres—plus daytime drinking ain’t no thang when it comes to vacation)? Don’t worry, we’ve also got heaps of family-friendly content too. Why check out our lifestyle section when there are loads of glossy travel and inflight magazines and aggregating Instagram accounts bringing you tastes of the ‘Bali lifestyle’? Because we keep it real with you and aren’t just posting for appearances and followers. We’ll give it to you straight up with a twist—got to keep things interesting, edgy, and spicy, not vanilla, you know?