Stuff your frosted donut hole when Tim Hortons opens in Bangkok

Thai people are crazy for everything Canada, whether its charming Justin Trudeau or so-exotic landscape of snow. But will that excitement extend to its... Read on

Starbucks Thailand ditches plastic straws, raises cup discount through Feb

Starbucks Thailand announced Thursday that all stores nationwide will replace single-use plastic straws with those made of paper starting next week.  After New Year’s... Read on

Granny’s Coffee: 70-year-old barista ‘Mother Roaster’ moves to Bangkok’s riverside

A tiny cafe stand known for kick-ass coffee served by a 70-year-old barista has moved to a new location. Ploenpit Rianmek, aka “Pa Pim,”... Read on

OMFBurger: Eat this monster fast enough and this guy will pay you 10,000 baht

An insanely intense food challenge is here to test our biggest appetites. Diners are dared to devour possibly the largest burger in Thai history... Read on

Garrulous Gaggan gushes about erogenous tongues, shattering foodgasms and even a new restaurant

Two months after his Michelin-starred powerhouse closed forever, famed chef Gaggan Anand, who has since been busy breathlessly describing himself as a “culinary rock... Read on

FoodTech: Bangkok’s fine dining goes interactive at ‘Digital Delicious’

The plates of fancy food on the table won’t just be for the tongue, but the other senses — sight, sound, smell and touch... Read on

Women in charge at 4 Bangkok bars for ‘Gin Fest’

Four Asian women busting up the craft cocktail boy’s club will journey to Bangkok to make some kick-ass concoctions.  Debuting last year to celebrate... Read on

Ogle (chicken) breasts and Thai Hooters babes (for a good cause)

Be very aware of breasts when Hooters Silom serves up free drinks, snacks and live music Friday in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Yeah,... Read on

Bangkok bubble tea shop launches 2 Thai dessert-inspired drinks to celebrate ‘Gin Jay’ Vegan Fest

The big annual Vegan Festival is just around the corner — but can you refrain from drinking milk tea for nine days? Can you,... Read on

Sizzler Thailand now has plant-based steaks, burgers and chili dogs on its menu

Sizzler, the budget-friendly steakhouse chain from California, has just altered its traditionally meat-heavy menu in a major way: Starting today, its restaurants in Thailand... Read on

Wildly popular, hip yet humble steakhouse ‘Mahasan’ relocates to bigger space, releases new menus

Mahasan Burnt & Bowl, the hip and humble steakhouse that only serves four tables a night, and which quickly became the talk of the... Read on

FoodTuber Mark Wiens and ‘culinary rock star’ Gaggan team up to sell charity burgers

After the shocking and sudden closure of Michelin-starred powerhouse Gaggan, self-styled “culinary rock star” Gaggan Anand already has a new project: a street food... Read on


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