Water feature at TRX Kuala Lumpur ruined after a week

Less than a week after The Exchange TRX opened its doors to the public, the mall’s outdoor playground faced an unexpected splashdown of trouble.

The interactive water feature, designed for innocent aquatic amusement, is now closed for repairs after an unfortunate incident involving some overenthusiastic families with a penchant for water park shenanigans.

In a post that made waves on X by @SkyscrapersMY, it was revealed that the water game fell victim to the antics of irresponsible families, turning the serene water feature into what can only be described as a makeshift water park. Photos uploaded by the page showcased barriers encircling the water feature, an attempt to keep the H2O hooligans at bay.

“The game is indeed for children to play with water, but it is not a pool for bathing or wallowing in,” the post lamented. It seems some visitors misunderstood the concept, transforming the area into a wet and wild paradise rather than a place for innocent splashes.

Before its abrupt closure, several videos had already surfaced capturing the unruly crowd and the acrobatics of some visitors at the water play area. While there were children enjoying the water fountains as intended, there were countless more treating the interactive water feature like a DIY water park, resulting in its untimely demise.

“It’s like a water park now; I don’t even think that spiral thing is for children to bathe in. Mums and dads, please bring your children to the designated areas if they want to play with water. So tired of seeing this,” pleaded an X user who reposted a viral video from TikTok.

Even Redditors couldn’t resist diving into the discussion, with one lamenting, “Malaysians don’t know how to appreciate the nice things given to them. Malaysia civis is down in the gutter, and it’s really sad to see its decline. That’s why we can’t have nice things here. 1st world facilities with 3rd world mentality,” shared @scared_performer3944.

Another disgruntled user chimed in, blaming the calamity on “those stupid parents that, if you can’t control your kids, then you shouldn’t reproduce.”

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