Float On: Don’t let the ‘booch scare you off, Kind Kones’ vegan ice cream float is pretty great

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who gobble up new and unfamiliar foods like a bear in salmon season,... Read on

Martell and Babe Restaurant team up for second round of Wonderarium ‘fun-dining’ event

Hello, Coconauts! Tis us — Coconuts KL, eating edition. It’s been a minute, we know. While we’d like to tell you about the amazing... Read on

Dewakan becomes Malaysia’s first restaurant to crack Asia’s 50 Best, moving to more central location

Dewakan, a tucked away restaurant in the Glen Marie neighborhood of Shah Alam, made history last night after becoming the first Malaysian restaurant to... Read on

Culinary Monstrosities: Oreo rice edition

Oh dear, if only we could go back to simpler, quainter times, where MPs with a predilection of throwing together the contents of a... Read on

Fried chicken lovers on notice: Ayam Lejen is back this weekend

Two Saturdays ago, we were invited to just about the only think that will get us out of the house before noon a weekend:... Read on

It’s hard to hate on ice cream: The Häagen-Dazs frozen mooncake, reviewed

Welcome, Coconauts, to our Monday afternoon tea time interval, where we sample and review the latest food offerings that land across our desks, courtesy of PR... Read on

Iron Fairies: World-renowned bar’s latest venture opens here in Kuala Lumpur

“Iron Fairies is opening in KL,” our friend told us excitedly earlier this year. “Iron que?,” we asked. “Iron Fairies — like you know,... Read on

The Nasi Lemak burger at Mickey D’s: Succulent sandwich, or gimmicky garbage?

In a month-long period that saw not only the toppling of the Barisan Nasional coalition government that had ruled Malaysia since the country’s inception,... Read on

Dumpling directory: KL’s best dim sum from Damansara’s best roast pork to Din Tai Fung to the late-night spots offering you all the bao

Want some, get some: dim sum. There is nothing more urgent in our lives than having a go-to list of dim sum spots. Why?... Read on

Tiffin Food Court postponed: Merriment extravaganza on hold until authorities and organizers can reach agreement

Some sad news to start the weekend, and we’re very sorry to do this: The incredible Tiffin Food Court that we were able to... Read on

Changkat: Where to eat the best tapas, pizza, and street food in KL’s most popular bar strip

There are fewer places more teeming with tourist traffic than the famed Kuala Lumpur strip of bars and bodies known as Changkat Bukit Bintang,... Read on


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Coconuts KL Food & Drink

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the best eating city in the world, if you don’t count Tokyo, London, New York, and some parts of the Amalfi coast. We are at an Asian crossroads here, and we have the best of the region, with incredible variants and nuances that only Coconuts KL can explain. What makes the Char Kway Teoh at one road side restaurant divine, yet the one down the street furiously hot mess? There aren’t enough noodle adjectives for us to explain, but dear reader, we will try. If you’re looking for laksa, the delicious noodle soup appropriated by Singaporeans, originated and dominated by Malaysians, then Coconuts KL is the right place for you. Let us guide you through Nyonya Laksa, to Sarawakian Laksa, to the ultra-fishy Penang Assam Laksa. These bowls of heaven need the kind of introductions fit for Roman Kings, because they stand as royalty in our cuisine repertoire. Have you ever had a fried chicken wing fried so crispy, to umami goodness, that it brought tears to your eyes? Let us tell you about it, tell you about all of them. Bring elasticated trousers to the party. Fancy a drink? How about the latest bars that are popping up all over our dear city? We serve up all of the best spots for top shelf liquors, luxury surroundings, kitschy nooks, local flavors and the best lighting. If you want to avoid the mess that is Changkat yourself in the morning a little bit more, confidently take out your nearest, dearest, or just someone you want to impress respect … then this is the place for you at Coconuts KL.

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