How to Ramly: Malaysians share their favourite burger orders 

Recently, a video of a man from the UK enjoying a Ramly burger and dubbing it as one of the best burgers he has ever eaten went viral. 

This sparked a conversation between Coconuts KL and Coconuts Singapore on how little non-Malaysians know when it comes to ordering a Ramly burger considering its tons of variations depending on one’s likes and dislikes. 

For those who don’t know, Ramly burgers are an all-time Malaysian favourite and their patties have been consumed by almost all the country’s residents – young and old, rich and poor.

The Ramly brand and burgers are well-known among Malaysians and have been proudly accepted as one of the nation’s top street food offerings. 

Ramly patties and products are commonly used by burger vendors in the country. 

We concluded this topic by putting out a question to Malaysians on Twitter and how they would usually order theirs, let’s just say the responses we received was *chef’s kiss*. 

We have decided to share their responses with you in this article as a guide if you’re travelling to this beautiful country and want to try out its most famous street food, the Ramly burger. 

Below are their responses which you may use as a reference when ordering your own Ramly burger! 

The classic

Photo credit: Qniti Bazaar

There’s a reason why it’s a timeless burger. A standard Ramly burger is a combination of a meat patty of choice (there’s fish, chicken, beef and lamb), a sloppy fried egg, cheese and a medley of sauces (mayo and barbecue sauce) and cut veggies. And that’s how most people enjoy the national burger.

A popular one is the chicken special which is basically a burger with a chicken patty that is wrapped with an egg and a slice of cheese is added to make it more delicious.

Vegetarian? No problem.

Photo credit: Sham Suriyadi 

Though the juicy meat patties are the pièce de résistance, there are also meatless ways to enjoy the Ramly without compromising its enjoyment. 

Those who do not wish to consume meat can opt for the Benjo, which is similar to the standard burger, but with a cylinder-shaped fried egg as its patty instead of meat. 

This burger benjo has no meat patties but only uses egg and cabbage with onions as its vegetable and is always drizzled with a generous amount of chili and mayo sauce.

The ‘Kawin’ 

Photo credit: Resipi Che Nom blog 

‘Kawin’ means marriage, and we all know the word always refers to joy and bliss. 

When you order the ‘kawin’, you’ll get both beef and chicken patties in one burger, doubling the fun!

If you’re feeling bold, you can pamper yourself with an order of kawin spesyel (special), where the patties will be wrapped by a thin blanket of fried egg. You can also make your standard burger “spesyel” if you prefer the fried egg wrap over your patty.  

There you go, that’s all the combinations of how you can enjoy the burger. Do you have another unique way to enjoy this iconic burger? Let us know!

You can also check out other responses to the question here.

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