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Sometimes a story isn’t news. Meet the people and the stories behind the headlines. The character that are shaping the landscape of the city, taking us to new levels, and bringing us to apex of Kuala Lumpur’s creative potential. Meet the illuminating figures that shape our city today, the ghost figures behind the movements. Sit down with the country’s most influential director, and find out how he started and what it’s like to have Hollywood knocking at your door. Listen to what the country’s most inspiring NGO’s and their leaders are doing to help the refugee crisis and bring education and resources to those in need. Gain insight into the life of Malaysia’s most popular nightlife impresarios, and how they make the city’s most memorable nights. Malaysia is filled with incredible stories, tales of young kids from the suburbs who become international start-up mega stars, rubbing shoulders with Richard Branson and Jack Ma. Stories of professionals who give up their day jobs to chase dreams, and make good on their quest to find a greater meaning in life enriching the life of others. Our country is made up of incredible stories and individuals who uplift our spirits and remind us of what is good in where we have come from. They make Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the world better places to be, and this is where we get to ask deeper questions. The How, Why and When of it all, along with the Coconuts KL angle that will always leave you with a smile.

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