Viva La Swindle: Malaysian woman scammed more than RM1k over Coldplay tickets

Photos: Coldplay at Global Citizen Festival, Hamburg. Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg/CC BY-SA & Artwork by Midjourney
Photos: Coldplay at Global Citizen Festival, Hamburg. Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg/CC BY-SA & Artwork by Midjourney

In a tale filled with anticipation, disappointment, and ultimately heartbreak, Puteri, a spirited young woman, found herself entangled in a web of deceit, losing RM1,200 in her fervent pursuit of Coldplay concert tickets. 

Despite her valiant efforts to secure her place at the highly sought-after event, she told Coconuts her dreams were shattered by an unscrupulous Twitter user who exploited her enthusiasm and yearning for the ultimate musical experience.

Puteri’s excitement had reached fever pitch as she eagerly awaited the official ticket release for the long-awaited Coldplay concert. 

With bated breath, she joined the virtual queue on the official website, hoping for a chance to purchase the golden tickets that would transport her into a world of melodic enchantment. 

Alas, fate had a different plan, and the universe conspired against her, leaving her empty-handed despite hours of unwavering dedication.

Frustrated but undeterred, Puteri decided to explore social media platforms to find individuals with spare tickets. 

This led her to a Twitter post from an account claiming to have genuine Coldplay tickets available for purchase. Encouraged by the seller’s prompt response and the assurance of ticket authenticity, Puteri’s enthusiasm blinded her to the risks associated with such transactions.

In an attempt to create a sense of urgency, the scammer preyed upon Puteri’s fear of missing out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The seller emphasized the limited availability of the tickets and urged Puteri to act swiftly to secure them. 

Caught up in the excitement and urgency of the situation, Puteri agreed to purchase both tickets for a total of RM1.2k, transferring the funds to the scammer’s account without suspecting foul play.

In hindsight, Puteri realized that there were several red flags she had overlooked in her excitement. 

Firstly, the seller had insisted on using unconventional payment methods, explicitly requesting payment through an international bank instead of more secure channels. 

Secondly, they adamantly refused to provide any form of identification or proof of purchase. These warning signs, which should have raised suspicions, had unfortunately been overshadowed by Puteri’s eagerness to secure the tickets, ultimately clouding her judgment.

“I think it was just mostly ego you know? Because you feel like you’re so close to getting it so what’s another few hundred bucks?” she said. 

“Right now, I don’t even want to think about it. I just redha and let the money the person receives as halal,” she said.

The aftermath of Coldplay’s highly anticipated concert ticket release has left a trail of discontent among devoted fans who, despite dedicating hours to online queues, were left empty-handed and disheartened. 

Frustrated social media users have taken to their keyboards to vent their grievances, sparking a growing outcry and even giving birth to a petition demanding a second Coldplay show in Kuala Lumpur.

The petition on has already garnered 10,800 signatures as of writing time. 

“Dear Chris Martin and mates. 

“Thank you for coming to Malaysia, all tickets are sold out and we Malaysians hope you consider a second show for us. Thank you,” the petition reads.

Despite the promoter’s strong warning against purchasing Coldplay tickets from resellers, scalpers shamelessly exploit the demand for seats by openly peddling them on various social media platforms and resale websites, including Twitter and Viagogo.

However, Communications Minister, Fahmi Fadzli, earlier today said The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has been instructed to take action over the social media ads on the resale of Coldplay’s concert tickets.

On November 22, Coldplay will grace the stage at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, treating fans to an evening filled with their signature anthems and mesmerizing performances.


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