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We live in the greatest place in Southeast Asia. There’s jungle less than an hour from our city, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen just a short car ride away. Unfortunately, most of us never know about this stuff. It’s too easy to say that city life in Kuala Lumpur can be condensed into two main, glaring points: gargantuan shopping malls and incessant traffic. Sure, we’re the first to admit that there are enough malls in Malaysia for every day of the year, including that leap year. What you don’t read about are all of the incredible things that are happening every day, and every weekend. The legitimately cool events that you only hear about a couple of weeks after they’ve passed from a friend. The latest festivals, concerts and events that are happening in the city are all here on Coconuts KL, where we give you the heads-up, the behind the scenes, and the summary of what happened. Our city is covered in yoga classes, food events, running clubs, small venues hosting the funniest stand-up comics, clubs that host the hottest international DJs coming through town and we’re about to blow up the spot, and give you the inside track. If you need that trail just outside the city to clear your mind, and give your eyes a spectacular view, we can tell you where and show you the pictures. We will also tell you which ones are not worth the journey, and also when to bring insect repellent. You will thank us. Whether you’re looking to inject healthy food, exercise and clean living into your life, or looking for the next film festival to go to or perhaps wondering when the latest must-see band is hitting our shores, you can find it all here on Coconuts KL.

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