This Malaysian brand’s Hari Raya collection will make you shine brighter than any other star in the galaxy

Photos: BEHATI on Instagram
Photos: BEHATI on Instagram

Behati, the local brand known for its dazzling and flamboyant clothes, has done it again with its latest collection of Hari Raya outfits. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and shine brighter than the sun during the festive season, then this is definitely the brand for you.

Their outfits are so over-the-top that you’ll feel like you’re walking on a runway instead of your family’s living room. With designs that include everything from paddy fields to your momma’s plaid tablecloth, you’ll be the talk of the town for weeks to come.

But that’s not all. Behati has really outdone itself this year by incorporating Ketupat and banana leaf designs into its clothing. Because who doesn’t want to look like a walking, talking version of their favorite traditional dish or leaf?

Don’t believe us? Check out the designs below! 

First up is this beautifully tailored banana tree baju melayu. The intricacies of this design would surely make one miss their kampung and maybe put a little rice with a side of vegetables and chicken curry all over it because let’s face it, nothing could ever top a good banana leaf meal! Yum! 

This outfit is so eye-catching that it’ll make you feel like a celebrity. You might even get stopped on the street by people asking for your autograph. And why wouldn’t they? With Behati’s designs, you’re practically a walking work of art.

Though not sold as-is, this outrageously styled outfit is a bold look that honors an important Hari Raya dish: the ketupat. Ketupat is a Javanese rice cake packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch, it is very popular during Eid as you would usually eat it with rendang and other dishes. 

In the vein of sustainability and being green, this outfit also utilizes Hari Raya decorations laying around the house. Feel free to pluck the ribbon-y ketupats from everywhere and use it as accessories. We love a DIY queen. 

With the heatwave not going anywhere this Raya, you’re gonna want to avoid a baju melayu that is too fitting or restricting. Oversized fits are all the rage now but in OTT Behati-style, this fit is really, really oversized. Sometimes you don’t want to look snatched, sometimes you just want to serve Raya eleganza. Plus, all that space and pockets make it easy to sneak kuih from the living room.

Into the Dad-style? Here’s one that will put a smile on your bapak’s face. It’s giving sarong-rolled-out-of-prayers chic and we’re for it. We want to stress that it’s so important to be and feel comfortable for Raya with all the eating and visiting that is happening. Plus, maybe you don’t even have to fork out any money, just raid your dad’s sarong collection. 

So this Hari Raya, forget about the usual baju Melayu and baju kurung. Get inspired by Behati’s over-the-top designs. You’ll be the shiniest star in the galaxy.

And let’s not forget about the added bonus of being able to blind your relatives with the sheer brilliance of your outfit. Lampu kelap kelip (fairy lights)? Don’t need it. 

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