Where to go for date night in Bali: Romantic sunsets, candlelit dinners, and oceanfront views

Photo: Opia Bali/Facebook
Photo: Opia Bali/Facebook

A haven for honeymooners and happy couples, Bali is the home of romance, with scores of places that boast magnificent views, candlelit ambiences, and idyllic vibes for the enamored.

While Bali has amazing restaurants from Japanese cuisine to burgers to healthy food, there are some that just really set the mood.

From rustic to refined, the island’s restaurants are as picturesque as they come, so we’ve whittled our list down to the ones worth mentioning.

Read on and bookmark whichever ones stand out to you for your next date night out.


Bali Asli

Photo: Bali Asli Restaurant/Facebook
Photo: Bali Asli Restaurant/Facebook

A restaurant and cooking school that strives to create authentic Balinese food, Bali Asli hides among the rice fields away from crowded resorts, with unobstructed, picture-perfect views of Mount Agung.

Dining here is somewhat of an adventure, albeit the quiet kind, with a menu that changes almost daily depending on what’s on offer in the market and ingredients harvested from the garden. But what you can expect is traditional Balinese cuisine cooked in wood-fired mud brick stoves and a pleasant time between you and your partner.



Photo: Batubara/Facebook
Photo: Batubara/Facebook

If wood-fired grilled meats get your heart going, may we recommend this rustic Argentinian steakhouse in Ubud? A meal for two at the restaurant (complete with flickering candles) makes you feel right at home, like you’re chilling in a friend’s garden over a casual dinner. It’s not one of those perpetually-swarmed tourist hotspots, that’s for sure, but it’ll do nicely for an undisturbed night out.


Hanging Gardens of Bali

Photo: Hanging Gardens Of Bali/Facebook
Photo: Hanging Gardens Of Bali/Facebook

The lavish jungle resort is known for its infinity pool and phenomenal views, and sure, you can book a table for two at its Three Elements Restaurants to overlook the surrounding foliage.

But better yet, make your special occasion one to remember with some of its pampering culinary experiences, which include a floating candlelit dinner at the pool, a lush picnic by the river, and an evening meal at the ancient Dalem Segara Temple, where you’ll be served by a personal chef and given a traditional Balinese welcome by a priest upon arrival. Just take note that luxury comes at a price.


La View Restaurant

Photo: Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa/Facebook
Photo: Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa/Facebook

Comfortably ensconced amongst the treetops looking out on Ubud’s Ayung River Valley, La View Restaurant offers several unconventional dining options on its premises. The infinity pool setting, bordered by the glow of candles and scented petals, serves a five-course menu, while the intricate “bird nest” structure gives you prime vistas of star-lit skies and lush leaves. Alternatively, shell out for your own private “eagle nest” space for some alone time.


Merah Putih

Photo: Merah Putih Restaurant/Facebook
Photo: Merah Putih Restaurant/Facebook

Depending on the time of day, Merah Putih can either be beautifully casual or enigmatic and alluring. Its street front may not be much to ogle at, but step into the lofty space and you’ll find yourself in a high-ceilinged indoor garden, with all the charm of the tropics but none of the scorching heat. Indonesian cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, gets the star treatment here, and if your date’s going swimmingly, you can continue the conversation with post-dinner drinks at the bar.



Photo: Metis Restaurant & Gallery Bali/Facebook
Photo: Metis Restaurant & Gallery Bali/Facebook

French-Mediterranean plates get elevated into fine dining territory at Metis, which hosts a terrace by the sprawl of rice fields, a cozy private cellar space, and fancy indoor tables. It’s pretty much the kind of place you pick when you have a date you’d like to impress, since the food’s always prettily plated and the ambience is elegant with a touch of class.


Opia Bali

Photo: Opia Bali/Facebook
Photo: Opia Bali/Facebook

Gaze into your partner’s starry eyes under the night sky at the hilltop spot above Jimbaran Bay, which is so romantic it’s seen plenty of weddings take place on its glass chapel grounds. Sunsets at Opia are stunning, especially when you’re surrounded by the sparkle of lights and the world beneath your feet, but the atmosphere remains relaxed, without a trace of stuffiness. Sustainably sourced produce and seasonal ingredients make up the menu in the form of Asian-inspired creations.



Photo: Room4Dessert Ubud/Facebook
Photos: Room4Dessert Ubud/Facebook

Bali may be known for its yoga and clean eating lifestyle, but when it comes to the nine-course degustation menu of treats here, you’d best make room for dessert. Taking up the space next to Naughty Nuri’s in Ubud, the seasonal restaurant by famous American pastry chef Will Goldfarb (you may have seen him on Chef’s Table) closes for a couple months every year to hit refresh on its menu. Each experimental creation at Room4Dessert is a work of art in itself, so glamorous-looking you may hesitate before taking a bite, and should happily appeal to the sweet tooth in your relationship.



Photo: Sardine/Facebook
Photo: Sardine/Facebook

If price tags aren’t an issue for you, make a date at this restaurant, where bamboo structures open out to a boundless stretch of verdant rice paddies and calm waters. A picture of halcyon bliss, Sardine is great for a spot of evening lounging before you dig into its ever-evolving line-up of fresh seafood and organic produce that tends towards the healthy side.



Photo: Sarong Bali/Facebook
Photo: Sarong Bali/Facebook

A chic fine dining establishment with a focus on Asian cuisine, Sarong is Scottish chef Will Meyrick‘s original street food joint in Bali (he’s since opened other eateries on the island, such as MamaSan and Hujan Locale). Reservations are recommended if you don’t want any snags in your romantic evening, and once you’re in, the magnetic pull of the place is evident in its plush chairs lit by grand chandeliers. From locally sourced veggies to hearty meats and curries, the menu encourages sharing so you can peck at a few dishes together with your partner.



Photo: Sundara Bali - Restaurant/Bar/Beach Club/Facebook
Photo: Sundara Bali – Restaurant/Bar/Beach Club/Facebook

Sunsets are most striking on this stretch of beach, and Sundara provides a peaceful perch for couples to take in the scenery, with daybeds by a clear blue infinity pool. When those red-orange rays disappear beneath the horizon, the beach club turns into a sultry restaurant serving seafood fresh from the ocean and local produce in mod-Asian style, piled onto small, shared plates that you can graze on and order at your leisure to linger till late. To make it an intimate dinner for two, choose the ocean-front gazebo for dreamy views.


The Sayan House

Photo: The Sayan House - Japanese x Latin Fusion Restaurant in Ubud/Facebook
Photo: The Sayan House – Japanese x Latin Fusion Restaurant in Ubud/Facebook

Blending Japanese and Latin American cuisines, The Sayan House in Ubud is a charming place to watch the day turn to dusk, with its calm surroundings away from the bustle of tourists. Under the gleam of twinkling lights, the experience is almost fairytale-like, with majestic vistas, the soft tinkle of background melodies, and a blanket of tranquility over it all.


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