Bali’s best Japanese restaurants: Where to find delicious sushi, sashimi, ramen, teppanyaki, tempura and more

Ramen goodness. Photo: Mad Ronin
Ramen goodness. Photo: Mad Ronin

We love us some Balinese nasi campur, betutu, lawar, and babi guling as much as the next street food-obsessed gourmand, and we can’t complain about Bali’s abundance of juicy burgers and Italian offerings, but Japanese has got to be one our top favorite international cuisines available for devouring on the Island of the Gods.

Surrounded by ocean, Bali’s Japanese food scene is booming with access to fresh fish. Just as there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty of places serving up sushi and sashimi in Bali. Not to mention options offering up mouthwatering ramen, tangy teriyaki, crispy tempura, and hearty katsu don. Well, out of love for the food from the Land of the Rising Sun, we’ve honed our chopstick skills and eaten our way through Bali’s many Japanese options.

Looking to satisfy your next craving for Japanese food? We present you the latest from our fantastic Food & Drink section: a comprehensive list of places serving Bali’s best, from casual street-cafes to high-end gourmet restaurants in five-star hotels. Arigatou!


Nestled in the village of Nyuh Kuning off the beaten track of busy downtown Ubud, Kagemusha is well worth the trek for some excellent onigiri and teriyaki, amongst other Japanese selections, in a lovely, tranquil garden. Praised for its authenticity, Kagemusha is Japanese owned and is Japanese home cooking at its best.

Kagemusha Bali
Photo: Kagemusha

Jl. Nyuh Kuning
+62 361 973134
7 days a week, 11am-11pm


Sushi Qombi

Sushi purists might turn their noses up at this budget Indonesian street resto, but we’re in love with Sushi Q. Getting its name from a cut-out of a VW Qombi inside, this is where you come when you’re really hungry but don’t want to spend much. Sushi Q is what we would classify as Indonesian-style Japanese food, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that. It has a pretty good-sized menu, with rolls, sashimi, noodle dishes, tempura, and more that are all very affordable. Our favorite bites are the salmon avocado cream cheese, tiger roll (tempura prawn topped with avo), salmon skin roll, chicken katsu and, call us basic, but of course the steamed gyoza.

sushi qombi
Photo: Sushi Qombi

Jl. Teuku Umar
(0361) 237808
Monday-Thursday, 12pm-9:30pm; Friday-Saturday, 12pm-10pm


Toro Sushi

Toro’s got the power to convert sushi skeptics into sushi-holics. Even though Ubud’s not right on the water, their sushi and sashimi are rumored to be some of the freshest on the island. Don’t miss happy hour: order two rolls and get one free! Their okonomiyaki—savory grilled pancakes—are also oft raved about.

Toro Sushi
Photo: Toro Sushi

Jl. Gootama
+62 361 971832
7 days a week, 11am-10:30pm



If you’re looking for more than just killer sushi (though they do have that) and especially have a craving for all sorts of seafood, Take in Legian has got quite the variety of yakimono (grilled and pan-fried dishes), not to mention a menu that looks something like the LOTR trilogy—very thick. Ramen, soups, salads, porridges, bento boxes, rice dishes, they have got it all. Take is located in the heart of tourist central, so the atmosphere is fun and lively, but do be prepared to pay tourist-type prices.

Take Bali
Photo: Take Bali

Jl. Patih Jelantik
(0361) 759745
7 days a week, 11am-11:30pm


Suksema Sushi Bar

Located in Canggu Plaza, Suksema’s got an ambient, open-air sushi bar with classic and fusion rolls and sashimi as well as other items like salmon and tuna tartar. Just a stone’s throw away from an Italian trattoria in the plaza, you can order off the Italian spot’s menu if you’ve got picky eaters in your group who don’t know what they’re missing and are sushi-adverse.

Suksema Sushi Bar
Photo: Suksema Sushi Bar

Jl. Taman Wisata Tibubeneng
(0361) 8649700
7 days a week, 11am-11:30pm



On the high end of the spectrum comes KO, the five-star InterContinental Jimbaran’s Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. Watch the chef cook right in front of you at one of the restaurant’s two sit-up Teppanyaki counters. Prices can run high, but you’re also paying for the experience in such a stunning location. Check out their promotions though, because they do run all-you-can eat and drink specials that help you get your bang for your buck. Open for dinner only, so you’re going to want to make reservations and dress on the nicer side (for Bali) when dining here.

Ko Bali
Photo: InterContinental Bali

InterContinental Bali Resort Jimbaran, Jl. Uluwatu no. 45
+62 361 701888
7 days a week, 6:30pm-10:30pm


Kunti II

Right smack-dab in between Kuta Beach and Jl. Legian, Kunti II is a classic that’s been around since 2002. Even though it’s in such a touristy neighborhood, the owner’s Japanese, and because it’s not right on the main road, it still kind of has hidden-gem status. The sushi and sashimi is fresh, with plenty of variety to choose from. They have some other Japanese items on the menu, but we say stick to what they do best: sushi and sashimi.

Kunti II
Photo: Kunti II

Jl. Benesari no. 4
0361 765934
7 days a week, 11am-11pm



As Bali’s first real Japanese restaurant, Ryoshi has become an institution since opening in 1993 and now has five locations around the island located in Seminyak, Sanur, and Ubud. Though probably more well regarded for their evening atmosphere than the quality of their food compared to other competitors, you can’t really do a sushi-taste tour of Bali without hitting Ryoshi. Their House of Jazz in Seminyak makes a fun night out if you want to go for live music and get some sake to take the edge off.

Ryoshi Bali
Photo: Ryoshi Bali

Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 150 – Sanur
Jl. Hanoman 68 – Ubud
Bali Garden Hotel, Jl. Kartika Plaza
Bali Galeria, Jl. Sunset Road
Jl. Raya Seminyak no. 17
7 days a week, 11am-11pm
Ryoshi Seminyak live music: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9pm-12am



Have you ever wanted to try a sushi donut? Then look no further, because Sushimi’s famous for them. Built around a sushi bar, they’ve got all the usual goodies coming out fresh on a kaiten belt including your standard rolls, hand rolls, fusion rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. Don’t forget to peruse their specials like the Tokyo speciality soba salad, along with yaki udon, and tuna steak.

Photo via Instagram/@gabbymaniego

Jl. Dhyana Pura 4X
+62 (0)361 737 816
7 days a week, 11:30am-11:30pm


Warung Suika

Quiet and blending in with some shops across from the entrance to Dreamland, Warung Suika is an underrated, family-run gem. Head here after a surf in Uluwatu and check out their little buffet/nasi campur, which is very vegetarian friendly. Their miso, katsu curry, ginger chicken, and sushi all come recommended.

Warung Suika
Photo: Warung Suika

Jl. Uluwatu
+62 361 8953518
7 days a week, 9am-10pm



Come to Sama-Sama starving. They’ve got an all-you-can eat option you can take if you really want to stuff your face. The menu has it all, but their speciality is yakiniku and shabu-shabu (aka grilled meat and hot pot).

Sama Sama
Photo: Sama Sama

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 128
+62 361 771129
7 days a week, 11am-11pm


Sayuri Healing Food

Sayuri is a plant-based, raw food restaurant in Ubud that is known for its health-food options, but it also happens to have a killer Philadelphia roll that’s been adapted to match their philosophy. Go on Friday when that’s their meal of the day from 11am for their take on the popular roll: black rice, cream nut-cheese, pickled veggies, papaya “salmon” sashimi, served with dipping sauce and reishi miso soup on the side. If you can’t make it in on a Friday, try their onigiri plate off their regular menu, with two “onigiri” rice triangles filled with miso walnut and umeboshi plum pickle, veggie pickle of the day, and coco pumpkin soup on the side (your choice of warm or chilled). Order either or try the reishi miso or coco pumpkin soups a la carte as well.

Sayuri Healing Food
Photo: Sayuri Healing Food

Jl. Sukma no. 2
+62 361 9080385
7 days a week, 9am-10pm


The Sayan House

Offering an enticing concept of Japanese Latin fusion, Sayan House, overlooking the breathtaking Sayan Gorge (where the Four Seasons is) has got a neat little menu with some intriguing items like sushi with “latin allure” and tacos “with oriental spirit.” A couple of great examples are the guacamole roll with avocado, corn tempura, shallots, a sweet soy sauce reduction and green papaya and chili aioli, and the “los de sashimi” tacos: citrus-marinated prawns/salmon/tuna with rice, romaine, avocado, shallots, seaweed, cucumber, and wasabi aioli. Don’t skip the wagyu del Peru as a starter: wagyu beef, cucumber radish, yuzu dressing and wasabi aioli. Or for the “main affair”, the yuki ribs: pork spareribs with a chipotle barbecue sauce, yukari-cilantro rice, along with grilled veggies.

The Sayan House
Photo: The Sayan House

Jl. Raya Sayan no. 70
+62 361 4792592
7 days a week, 12pm-10pm



Rouge is a chic, relaxing bar often with live music, but it turns out their sushi is on point, too. Go on a Sunday for their special sushi brunch if you can—but make sure you book ahead. Running from 12pm to 3pm, the menu features an a la carte menu with not only sushi but other sweet and savory Japanese dishes, along with “surprises from the chef”.

Rouge Bali
Photo: Rouge

Jl. Bisma
+62 361 9080795
7 days a week, 11am-11pm


Warung Wasabi

This humble sushi warung in Ungasan is one of our go-to’s in the Bukit. Run by a kind husband and wife team, they’ve got just four tables and no additional staff, so get there early for dinner and be patient. It’s worth the wait, trust us. Our favorite rolls are the hot salmon, salmon avocado, ebi ten maki, and the spicy tuna. They’ve got a couple of combo platters for those who want variety but are sticking to a budget. We’re also big fans of the poke salad, vegetable tempura, gyoza, and katsu don.

Warung Wasabi
Photo: Coconuts Bali

Jl. Raya Uluwatu
+62 823-4199-7600


Sushi Tei

To some, Jakarta-born Sushi Tei is to Japanese food what the Olive Garden is to Italian, but we wouldn’t go quite that far. In fact, we’ve had some pretty tasty sushi and sashimi, in particular, there. So if you’re looking for a hefty sushi menu with other Japanese hits, Sushi Tei has got you covered. Pick the Sunset Road location over the rooftop one at Beachwalk Mall for better service and a nicer ambience. Grab sushi straight off the belt or get it a la carte.

Sushi Tei
Photo via Instagram/ @batarasiahaan

Sunset Road no. 99
(62361) 849 6495 / 6
Monday-Thursday, 11am-11pm, Friday-Saturday, 11am-12am
Beachwalk Mall
Jl. Pantai Kuta
7 days a week, 11am-12am



Just established in 2017, TYGR is a newcomer to Bali’s Japanese scene, but it’s already amassed quite the reputation. Proclaiming itself Bali’s first sushi hand roll bar, TYGR doesn’t mess around and wants to make sure you don’t either, even writing on their menu that their speciality is just-made hand rolls with warm nasi, crispy nori and fresh fillings that are best consumed immediately—as in you better take that first bite within 10 seconds. Order a la carte or choose from a set menu. Don’t forget the sake to help wash everything down smoothly.

TYGR Sushi
Photo: TYGR Sushi

Jl. Pantai Berawa no. 999X
7 days a week, 11am-11pm



There’s so much going on at Ji. Housed in a 311-year-old Kang XI, Ji is a sight to behold. Brought over piece-by-piece from Java to the grounds of Canggu’s Tugu Hotel, the building itself is worth admiring. Go up to the second and third floors to Ji Terrace by the Sea for a stunning ocean view and a more modern and “playful” menu taking inspiration from Indonesia, Japan, India, and Thailand, as well as a more “playful” party vibe with a DJ in the evening. Stick to Ji at Bale Sutra 1706 downstairs though if you want a more a classical Japanese menu with other Asian fusions. Quench your thirst and choose from a thorough collection of sakes and wines, Asian-inspired cocktails with homemade infused liquors, and Japanese beers.

Ji Restaurant Bali
Photo: Ji Restaurant Bali

Tugu Hotel
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong

7 days a week, 12pm-11pm


One Eyed Jack

One Eyed Jack has that little hole-in-the-wall vibe even though it’s become a mainstay in the Canggu dining scene. A small eatery with an eclectic mix of dishes meant to be shared tapas-style, One Eyed Jack is not a sushi bar—so don’t go there expecting that—but a contemporary Izakaya concept, keeping it casual with good vibes. Have a penchant for wagyu and don’t mind spending a bit more? They’ve got a whole wagyu section, with items like wagyu tacos, including wasabi-shiso aioli, red onion, chili, cilantro, as well as wagyu bao sliders with blue cheese, shitake, crispy onions, and aioli.

One Eyed Jack
Photo: One Eyed Jack

Jl. Pantai Berawa
7 days a week, 5pm-10:30pm



Once you walk into Dahana, you would never know the place is situated on a busy Seminyak corner. With a lush garden overlooking a pool and a little indoor (read: AC) sushi bar, the ambience at Dahana is perfect for a romantic evening. Choose from sushi, yakimono, agemono (the deep-fried goodies), rice dishes, noodles, or select appetizers.

Dahana Bali
Photo: Dahana Bali

Jl. Petitenget no. 98
(62) 812 38604 621
7 days a week, 11:30am-11pm


Mad Ronin

Seeking to slurp some ramen? Then Mad Ronin is your no fuss, no frills destination. A bit on the pricey side — it’s in trendy Petitenget after all — know that you’re going to get a good-sized portion of their obvious specialty: ramen. Some say it’s the best ramen in town, and we’d have to say it’s certainly a contender for the title. Check out the bar on the second floor for a selection of craft beers.

Mad Ronin
Photo: Mad Ronin

Jl. Petitenget no. 7
Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-3am, Sunday, 6pm-1am (closed Mondays)


Sushi Kawe

With a motto like “local price, international flavor,” you can imagine that Sushi Kawe is quite wallet-friendly—their menu starts at just Rp10k (USD0.75). Located in Denpasar, Sushi Kawe has a low-key, casual feel. They’ve got a pretty decent sushi and sashimi selection with other Japanese dishes like udon, soba, ramen, and teriyaki—but we recommend their sushi and sashimi above all else.

Sushi Kawe
Photo: Sushi Kawe

Jl. Pulau Kawe no. 19
7 days a week, 10am-11pm



Centered around a teppanyaki bar, Rayjin is a hip, experiential place for quality, modern contemporary Japanese dining. They’ve got a sushi bar on the second level, but trust us when we say the teppanyaki bar on the street level is where it’s at. Pick your meats and watch them cooked before your eyes. We recommend the scallop broccoli motoyaki: grilled scallops with seared miso garlic cream and broccoli. Or try the gyutan pirikara negi shio: teppan grilled ox-tongue with garlic and spring onion sauce.

Rayjin Bali
Photo: Rayjin Bali

Jl. Petitenget no. 98X
(62) 81 339 181295
7 days a week, 6pm-10pm


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