6 spots to eat like a local in Canggu

For foreign dwellers roaming the streets of Canggu, it’s rather easy to forget that they’re in Asia, specifically in a country called Indonesia. It certainly does not feel like being overseas sometimes. The fashionable boutiques, hip bars, and trendy restaurants resemble a familiarsite from these foreigner’s own backyards. Canggu really knows how to put the meaning into “home away from home.”

But while you’re all the way in Bali, you might as well sample the bold flavors of a traditional Indonesian dish. Perhaps a little bit of spice, a whole lot of nice, and of course a side of rice.

Here are six Canggu places for you to get a taste of what Indonesian food is all about.


The Piring Daun

Piring Daun may be advertised as an Indian restaurant, but its Indonesian section is a hidden gem. Order the nasi campur (rice with a selection of smaller sides) and prepare yourself for an authentic experience. Six distinct sides in silver platters – from eggs to peppers, peanuts and veggies–are placed around a bowl of milky coconut rice on top of a banana leaf placemat. It is only one meal but you’ll leave feeling like you have tried a combination of twenty.

Where: Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu



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A photo posted by The Piring Daun(@thepiringdaun) on



Dian Café/Mandira Café

As the waves crash into the rocks of Echo Beach and hungry stomachs churn into hangry people, there are two ideal spots. Head to either Dian Café or Mandira Café, which are situated next to one another. The quality, price and selection are comparable so essentially just choose your view. Both offer a long list of Indonesian dishes from nasi goreng or mie goreng to gado-gado, bebek betutu or lalapan. Sit back, enjoy and let hangry turn into happy.

Where: Echo Beach, Canggu






Warung Bu Mi

If you’re one of those to judge a book by its cover, then Warung Bu Mi is for you. This place is constantly packed and that is always a good sign from the outside looking in. For the food, firstly choose white, yellow or red rice. Then you can scope out the buffet style set-up and select which dishes you fancy. Don’t be shy though. Even if you stack up your plate the height of the Eiffel tower it probably wouldn’t cost more than Rp 40k.

Where: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu​


Nasi Campur



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Warung Varuna

When inexpensive meets excellence we call it Warung Varuna. For the quality you’re served you’d expect to be paying way more. We’re not saying it is gourmet, but it is a tasteful nibble of traditional Indonesian. It’s a bit hard to find as some palms cover the sign, so keep an eye out for the chalkboards outside the restaurant!

Where: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.89, Canggu



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A photo posted by Ash (@formysenses) on



On Wareong

On is known for their pizza, but it is notable because their prices for Indonesian food are perfect for a backpacker’s budget. How could you say no to nasi/mie goreng that is only Rp 20k? This is the place to try cap cay (Rp 25k) or soto ayam (Rp 28k). At that price, we’ll be taking one of everything.

Where: Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa, Canggu


Soto Ayam


Najunta Bali Bar & Grill

When you walk into Najunta Bali you’ll feel like you’re walking into a Balinese home and tasting mama’s cooking. The cozy atmosphere parallels the comfort of food, even if some of the dishes sound exotic. This is what “warung” is all about! We hope you appreciate the tastes of home.

Where: Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa No.27, Canggu


Nasi Goreng

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