He’s sickle of it: Indonesian student brings weapon to school demanding confiscated phone back (Video)

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

Many kids are practically inseparable from their phones these days, but one junior high school student from Gunungkidul in Central Java took that attachment to an extreme new level.

According to the police, the student, who goes to a public junior high school in Ngawen sub-district, was caught playing with his phone during religious studies class. His teacher confiscated the phone because the school has a strict no-phone policy.

The next day, the student went to school but skipped his first few classes. He then went home early and came back, having changed out of his school uniform, while carrying a sharp weapon.

In a video that has gone viral, the student can be seen slowly and ominously walking towards the school with a sickle in hand. One teacher then grabs his phone and slides it across the floor to the student, keeping his distance as the student walks away.

Local police were soon alerted to the incident and tried to mediate the student and the school.

“It can be said that it was brief anger. He’s a teenager so his emotions are still unstable, especially now that he’s only living with his siblings as his parents are out of town,” Ngawen Police Chief Kasiwon said, as quoted by Detik.

No criminal charges were made in this case and the school has decided to put the student through special counseling instead of expelling him.

Unfortunately, student-on-teacher violence is quite common in Indonesia. For example, in 2018, an art teacher in Madura, East Java, died after being hit by one of his students. The past few years have also seen stories other stories about students beating teachers and even attacking them with weapons. Furthermore, there’s at least one incident of a student murdering a teacher over bad grades.

Conversely, teacher-on-student violence is also quite prevalent in Indonesia. One of the most viral cases took place in April of last year, when a teacher in Purwokerto, Central Java, became a criminal suspect for child abuse after a video of him slapping one of his students hard went viral.

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