Scolded once too often, vocational school student attacks teachers with machete

We can all remember getting angry at our teachers at one point or another while in school. But one vocational school student in Tangerang went, way, way too far in venting his educational frustrations.

The student, identified by police by his initials AFP, went to school at SMK Yayasan Darussalam in the Panongan district of Tangerang. AFP allegedly got scolded in class often for being late or not following the lessons, leading to a buildup in anger that exploded late last night when he assaulted two teachers with a deadly weapon.

“The first victim, Sri Astuti, 45, is a female teacher. She suffered two stab wounds from a machete to the head and upper part of her left side. The second victim is Muryanah (23), a female part-time teacher at the SMK Yayasan Darussalam. She suffered five stab wounds from a machete to the back of the head and the fingers on her left hand were almost broken,” said police chief Panongan Kosasih as quoted by Okezone.

Police say that at about 12:45 am today, AFP was able to enter the teachers’ house by climbing a tree and entering through an unlocked window. He then went down the stairs and knocked on the door to Muryanaha and Sri Astuti’s room. Out of fear, they remained silent, but AFP managed to break into the room. 

The enraged student started stabbing blindly at Muryanah. Sri tried to try to help her but was also wounded before AFP fled.

AFP had been wearing a mask at the time of the attack, leading police to believe it was a robbery at first. But when they realized nothing had been stolen, they quickly followed the clues to AFP. Upon being apprehended by the police, AFP admitted to attacking the teachers because he was angry at Muryanaha for scolding him in class. 

The victims are currently being treated at Ciputra Hospital.

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