Teacher fails 20 y.o. HS student, student beats teacher with wooden chair, teacher reports student to police

Left: EY, during a police reconstruction of his attack. Right: EY’s teacher, Puji Rahayu. Photo: West Kalimantan Police press release

High school can be a difficult time for many, causing many students to act out in all sorts of way such as talking back, doing drugs or attacking their teachers with furniture.

EY, a high school student at Kubu Raya High School 1 in Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan, was reported to the police by his own teacher, 34-year-old Puji Rahayu after EY allegedly attacked her with a wooden chair on Saturday, leaving the bruise seen in the photo above provided by the police.

According to the police, the incident started after the school distributed report cards to students on Saturday. EY saw that he had received a failing grade and would have to repeat kelas 2 (second year) yet again.

You see, EY is already 20 years old and had already been held back in the same grade twice. So, as one might expect, he did not take the news of his failing grade very well.

“EY has been held back in the same grade for two years now, Having been held back for two years, he felt it was because of his low Sociology grade, so he was angry with his teacher,” said Kubu Police Chief Iptu Suharjo as quoted by Tribunnews.

After seeing the report card, EY immediately went to the teacher’s room to confront his sociology teacher, Puji. And by confront, we mean he picked up a wooden chair and hit his teacher on the back of the head with it.

Puji deflected another blow from the chair so EY then punched her several times, including in the face, before storming off. She immediately reported the incident to the local police and pressed charges against EY (who is, obviously, not a minor).

The Sriwijaya Post said they got conflicting reports about the current legal status of the case, with the school administration saying the matter had been settled privately between all parties while Puji’s husband, Rudianto, said EY’s parents had tried to apologize to them but that he and his wife would press forward with the police charges in order to deter future violence against teachers.

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