Secret Jakarta specialty foods you can order online: Indomie donuts, pierogies, gourmet cookies & much more

Jakarta’s terrible traffic, combined with the rise of online shopping and ride-sharing services offering cheap delivery, have created fertile ground for new Jakarta food businesses focused on online sales. With access to a vastly larger customer base than most brick and mortar stores, these homegrown businesses can quickly blow up with a tasty product and sound social media marketing (so yes, maybe these aren’t exactly “secret”, per se, but they would be pretty hard to find out about if your Instagram feed isn’t stacked with in-the-know Jakarta foodies).

If you think there are any other awesome Jakarta online food retailers that should be added to this list, email us at or comment below. And for more great food lists, including our picks for Jakarta’s Best Middle Eastern restaurantsburgersPadang restaurantsfried chickensweet martabak and many more, check out our Food & Drink section



Donat Indomie Hipster terbaru dari TOTAW, atau sebut saja dia TOTBOL. Masi inget kan enaknya TOTCake? Nah, inovasi mimin yang baru ini juga pasti ga akan mengecewakan buat kalian semua; supaya kalian juga bisa enjoying Donat yang BUKAN Manis. Satu box TOTBOL (TOT Bolong) isi 6 pcs, harga IDR 100,000 1. TOTBOL original 2. TOTBOL isi telor, 3. TOTBOL isi ayam suwir, 4. TOTBOL isi kornet keju, 5. TOTBOL isi ikan, 6. TOTBOL isi keju Dari kemarin uda diicip2in sama @anazsiantar, @foodirectory, @jktfoodbang dan lainnya. JADI, jangan sampe ketinggalan utk jadi ORANG PERTAMA yang pamer soal TOTBOL! Langsung di order via WA kita 0898.8998.687 #TOTAW #TOTallyAWesome #TOTallyNyleneh #Indomie #Donat #Jakarta #eatandtreats #JKTFoodbang #Food

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If you’re a Jakarta foodie, you probably heard the buzz about an Indomie Donut devised by boutique bakers in Sydney a few weeks ago. The seemingly novel junk food mashup caused all kinds of strong reactions, but one F&B outlet in Jakarta was crying foul as they had already beaten the Australians to the Indomie donut promised land earlier this year (note the above Instagram post is from about 3 months ago).

We were not surprised to learn that it was TOT.Aw (short for Totally Awesome), the Indomie specialist in Greenville, West Jakarta, that had already created another highly viral (and controversial) mashup — the Indomie cake.

While you need to order the cake ahead of time, you can hit TOT.Aw up to instantly order those Indomie donuts (or more conventional Indomie preparations) via Go-Food and LINE.


Dough Lab

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This bakery in Senopati creates some seriously sophisticated cookies for serious cookie monsters, particularly their variations on the classic chocolate chip such as the Diva (double chocolate chip cookies with salted caramel) and The BFF (a giant chocolate chip cookie that’s crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle). They are certainly not the cheapest cookies in town but you can absolutely taste the freshness, high-quality ingredients and attention to detail put into every batch baked. Available through Go-Food and Whatsapp.

The Yummiest Ever

Based in Bintaro, TYE has become famous among Jakarta foodies for their beautiful Banoffee pie (that magical English dessert concocted of bananas, cream and toffee ), including some unique flavors like Banoffee Oreo and Banoffee matcha. You can order TYE’s pies in various sizes, as well dim sum and crispy banana nuggets, via Go-Food, Whatsapp and Line.


French Pot Ice Cream

The French Pot method of making ice cream is said to result in denser, creamier desserts. You can order tempting flavors like mango, Blueberry cheesecake and Cookie Monster from this Tangerang ice creamery via Whatsapp and Go-Food.


Nyamnyam Pork Belly

Makers of the rarely seen pork rendang, you can also order pork sate, charsiu and, of course, crispy pork belly from this babi specialist in Kalideres. Available through Gofood, Tokopedia, BukalapakShopee


Mélati Bakehouse

A hidden secret mainly enjoyed by the tenants of the Thamrin Executive Residence apartments, you can order Mélati’s baked good via Go-Food including artisinal breads, hearty sandwiches and tempting pastries.

Jon’s Smokery

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Finding bacon in Jakarta is not that hard but finding really good bacon is quite rare. This online-only smoked meat specialist promises “REAL BACON” that’s all smoked and cured in-house including a premium product using prized Kurobuta pork (smoked with rambutan wood, no less). They also sell other specialty pork products like guanciale and sweet Italian sausage. Available through Tokopedia and Happyfresh.


Goo Goo Atelier

Never get bored of @googooatelier softbaked cookies because we always give you new flavor every week!! We currently have 60+ flavors, and our softbacked cookies are freshly baked everyday with the finest ingredients and NO PRESERVATIVES at all ❤ Get yours now because its limited in a week Feel free to say Hi to us LINE : imjnlee WA : +6287822899971 Email : • • #wafercookies #softbakedcookies #homemadecookies #healthycookies #kuejakarta #kuejkt #cookieshomemade #cookiesjakarta #cookiesjkt #jktfoodies #jktfoodbang #kulinerjakarta #heresmyfood #insiderfood #bakeofart #sweetcuisines #forkyeah #eatguide #buzzfeast #foodiegram #foodbeast #foodheaven #hautescuisines #easfamous #9gagnomnom #dailyculinary

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With a growing line-up of over 60 flavors including some ambitious originals like Chcocoscotch, Blueberry Cobbler and Cheetos cheese (!), the cookies from Goo Goo Atelier have quickly gained a following. The soft-baked treats are made fresh daily and preservative-free. Order via Whatsapp or LINE.


Ei Salted Egg Snacks

#reposting @jktfoodead: Hai guys! Suka salted egg? Nih salah satu rekomendasi snack salted egg.. Aku nyobain salted egg chicken skin, potato chips sama wontonnya! Suka bgt sama chicken skin sama potato skin nya. Chicken skin nya relatif lebih basah tp itu yg bikin tenggorokan ga gitu seret! • Yes, Ei is definitely recommended and (ei)ddicting! Just by imagining the flavor and crunchiness already makes your mouth water, right? Hurry grab yours now because we will lift your mood and brighten your d(ei)! ✨ • Ei is now available in potato chips, chicken skin and wonton chips. • Order us via: Line: @eiitssaltedegg (with @) • Offline Pl(ei)-grounds: Jakarta – Grand Indonesia Bandung – 23Paskal • #ei #eisaltedegg #eiitssaltedegg

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Riding high on Jakarta’s current obsession with all things salted egg, Ei has now opened up a physical store but the bulk of their business still comes from online orders. You can purchase their salted egg potato chips, chicken skin chips or wonton skin chips easily online through Shopee. Line and Tokopedia (for a fraction of the price of those salted egg imports snacks from Singapore).


Oh My Salted

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Another salty-egg snack contender, Oh My Salted offers a wide variety of mediums for the rich creamy curry-tinged flavor of salted egg sauce such as tempe and mushrooms as well as the always popular potato and chicken skin chips. Available through Tokopedia, Line and Whatsapp.



Yuk bikin BUKBER kamu kali ini beda dengan tahun-tahun sebelumnya dengan donat spesial bulan Ramadhan dari Wondernuts ini. Pasti BUKBER kamu jadi makin seru dan memorable kan! – Wondernuts bisa dibeli online via WA (087883957132) dan LINE ( Kamu juga bisa ke tokonya langsung di Jl. Raya Pos Pengumben No. 11 (di dalam restoran Bengawan’s) Kini juga tersedia di GOJEK GO-FOOD & GRABFOOD – Harga: Donut Huruf: Rp. 7.500,- Special Shapes Donuts: Rp. 8.000,- Emoji Donuts: Rp. 8.000,- Single Box Donut Huruf: Rp. 8.000,- Signature Classic Donut: Rp. 7.000,- Single Box Classic Donut: Rp 7.500,- Wonderbites: Rp. 25.000,- 1/2 Lusin Signature Classic Donuts: Rp. 40.000,- 1 Lusin Signature Classic Donuts: Rp 75.000 – #wondernuts #bakingyourfantasy #sayitwithdonuts #katakandengandonat #donathuruf #donathurufjkt #donathurufjakarta #bukber #bukabersama #bukapuasa #puasa #puasaramadhan #ramadhan

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If cuteness is your primary consideration in ordering dessert, the ridiculously lucu donuts by Wondernuts will definitely satisfy your craving. In addition to cute animals and emojis, they also do letter donuts in case you ever felt like saying it through pastry. Available through Whatsapp, Line and Go-Food.


Pierogi Pierogi

Pierogi is a kind of dumpling that is beloved in Poland and anywhere Polish immigrants have spread, but are quite rare to find in Indonesia. Although there are plenty of amazing Asian dumplings, pierogies are unique beasts with thick skins and hearty fillings (like more manly ravioli). You can order made to order batches of pierogies from this Cipete purveyor – they were apparently good enough to be served at a Polish Embassy event so you know they’re authentic. Available through Go-Food.

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