Viral: Is this Indomie donut an amazing junk food mashup or an appalling affront to good taste?

The Indomie Goreng donut being sold this weekend by Donut Papi in Sydney. Photo: @donutpapi / Instagram
The Indomie Goreng donut being sold this weekend by Donut Papi in Sydney. Photo: @donutpapi / Instagram

The cult of Indomie has spread beyond the islands of Indonesia, bringing with it not just a fanatical devotion to the irresistibly delicious instant noodles but also a mad passion for mashing them up with every other kind of junk food imaginable. Over the last few years we’ve seen Indomie burritos, Indomie potato chips, Indomie burgers and even birthday cakes made out of Indomie.

But some donut makers in Sydney may have finally taken things way too far through their latest creation: the Indomie donut.

Donut Papi, a small batch donut producer that sells their creations to Sydney cafes, festivals and markets, don’t reveal too many details about their Indomie Mie Goreng donut except to say that it will only be available this weekend (May 25-27) and that it’s being made in collaboration with @indomieau (which is the official account for Indomie Australia).

We have to admit we are equal parts intrigued and intimidated by the idea of an Indomie flavored donut. Pending further details we are left to speculate — is it salty and sweet? Are Indomie noodles only added as a topping or are they mixed into the batter? And perhaps, most importantly, will they be dusted with actual Indomie flavor powder and drizzled with seasoning oil? The mind reels.

Australia was also the originator of another Indomie culinary creation — the Indomie Goreng Fried Chicken burger served for a limited time by Sydney sandwich shop Guilty. Speaking of which, how wrong/incredible would it be if they made an Indomie fried chicken burger served between two Indomie donuts? Yes, it would probably kill you, but it could cause you to transcend to Indomie nirvana instead.

So what say you folks — does the Indomie donut look like a delicious idea or a disgusting disaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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