VIRAL: Is this Indomie cake an act of culinary genius or an edible abomination?

Indomie cake by in Kelapa Gading. Photo: / Instagram
Indomie cake by in Kelapa Gading. Photo: / Instagram

Just like all good patriotic Indonesians, we love us some Indomie. Whether it be Indomie Mi Goreng or Rasa Soto Mie, potato chip or InTerNet, we’ve yet to encounter a form of Indomie that we haven’t been eager to devour.

But, this… Well, this we’re not so sure about.

This photo of an Indomie cake went viral on Twitter over the weekend and we were equally intrigued and disturbed by its implications. But we had to know more – was this a regular cake made to look like Indomie with some impressive frosting technique or was this really a cake created out of actual Indomie?

After a bit of research we found the original source:

The cake is indeed made out of actual Indomie and it’s topped with sambal, corned beef and cheese. It’s sold by (short for TOTally AWesome) a restaurant in Kelapa Gading and you can totally order it for your next birthday if you like for Rp 120,000.

Reactions to this new Indomie creation on the internet were definitely mixed:

As far as we can tell, this is the first birthday cake anybody has made out of actual Indomie, but we did find loads of really creative Indomie-themed cakes online.

Check out the "Indomie birthday cake" Usman Dantata Jnr gave to his wife

Posted by Don Jazzy on Tuesday, 27 December 2016

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Actually, we did find one other birthday cake made out of Indomie online…

My special indomie cake…lol.

Posted by Presly Omoigui on Friday, 14 October 2011

So no matter what you think of’s new creation, you have to respect the time and effort they put into making it.

So what’s your verdict on the Indomie cake – yum or yuck? Let us know in the comments!



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