Viral: Indonesians eat up over-the-top Amazon reviews that declare Indomie ‘Worse (better?) than heroin’

Many Indonesians don’t just love to eat Indomie, they have a sense of nationalistic pride for the wildly popular instant noodle brand (which is by far the most popular Indonesian-made consumer brand in the world). Indonesians also love it when foreigners praise our cuisine (or write songs about it) so this Facebook post sharing the most over-the-top 5-star reviews for Indomie on online shopping giant Amazon is like a perfect storm of Indonesian virality.

Posted by Facebook user Ari Mayang, it has already racked up over 3,800 shares since yesterday

Guling2 baca komen bule tergila2 kelezatan indomie goreng di amazon. Baru tau y 😂😂

Posted by Ari Mayang on Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Rolling over laughing reading the comments from bules going crazy over Indomie Goreng on Amazon.

Indeed, there is some crazy over-the-top praise for Indomie Mi Goreng from users of the primarily American-based shopping site (which is understandable, since most American are primarily familiar with instant noodles through the infinitely inferior likes of Top Ramen, Maruchan and Cup Noodles – poor souls).

We double-checked the authenticity of the reviews from the FB post and found them all to be real, and even found a few more so ridiculous that it might make even the biggest Indonesian Indomie fan roll their eyes:

Now, just to prove that this is not, in fact, an unsubtle advertorial for Indomie (though just FYI Indofoods or anybody else who cares, we can, in fact, be bribed with cartons of Indomie) here is the highest rated “critical” review of Indomie.

And here are some 1-star reviews for Indomie, from some crazy people:

We’re pretty sure you can guess how many stars we would give Indomie. How about you?

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