Norwegian man sings touching song about his time in Indonesia and falling in love… with nasi padang

Many a foreigner has come to Indonesia and fallen madly, deeply in love with a local… cuisine. For Norwegian musician Audun, his spicy love affair was with nasi padang, the famous food of the West Sumatran capital that is beloved all over Indonesia.

As Audun writes in the description for the video:
“This summer I was traveling in Indonesia. While I was there, I fell in love with this beautiful and diverse country, i fell in love with the generous and welcoming people, i fell in love with the breathtaking nature, and last but not least I fell in love with the food. When I came back to Norway I decided to make this song as a tribute to Indonesia and Nasi Padang.”

Audun’s passion for nasi padang shines through in the song with heartfelt lyrics such as: 

I still remember when I tasted you 
I wouldn’t believe that it could be true
It was the first time in my life 
And if you were human
I would make you my wife…

Yeah, ok… that might be a little weird. But his song has certainly struck a chord, racking up nearly 50,000 views since he posted it on Youtube on Oct 4.

We totally understand Audun’s passion because we here at Coconuts Jakarta also have an undying love for nasi padang. We even made a video to help introduce others to its wonders and how to eat it correctly:

(H/T to Reddit user lookatitstail on r/Indonesia for the great find!)



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