Jakarta Provincial Government orders bars to close during Ramadan

Even though bars ostensibly have a target market that excludes fasting Muslims, the Jakarta Provincial Government has ordered for them to shut throughout the... Read on

Religious Affairs Ministry allows iftar get-togethers during Ramadan

If you’re looking forward to getting together with friends and loved ones to have iftar (fast breaking) during Ramadan, you may do so under... Read on

Indomie releases empty plate packaging to welcome Ramadan

Indonesia’s beloved instant noodle brand Indomie has released special edition packaging for its products out of respect for Muslims who are going to fast... Read on

KFC to open at least 25 stores in Indonesia this year

KFC is clucking its way into even stronger fast food dominance in Indonesia as the most popular chain is set to open dozens of... Read on

From Seminyak to Jakarta, Sisterfields Bakery delivers sweetness to your door

We get it, you miss having brunch, afternoon tea or coffee in Bali’s hip spots ⁠— but until it’s really safe for us Jakartans... Read on

The Final Crunch: Cheetos, Lay’s, and Doritos leaving Indonesia in August

The day just got a lot gloomier for the snackers among us, as Indonesia will have to go without Cheetos, Lay’s and Doritos for... Read on

Domino’s Indonesia jumps on boba fad with bubble tea and butterscotch sauce pizza 

Though the bubble tea hype has long passed its peak in Indonesia, that doesn’t seem to have deterred Domino’s Pizza Indonesia from releasing its... Read on

Ask for donuts and burgers and get both at Ask For Patty

Burgers and donuts have been among the top culinary trends in Jakarta in the past few years, and for one of those moments when... Read on

For real this time: Kyoto coffee chain % Arabica to open 1st Indonesian store at Central Park Mall on Feb. 10

At long last, famed Kyoto coffee chain % Arabica will open its first store in Indonesia this week ⁠— almost four years after it... Read on

Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind Indomie’s iconic flavors, dies at 59

It’s a sad day for instant noodle lovers in Indonesia and all around the world as we mourn the passing of Nunuk Nuraini, the... Read on

Nasgero brings something new to the table with its signature sirloin nasi goreng

Since the COVID-19 hit Indonesia in March of last year, those whose professions were impacted by the pandemic resorted to home-based F&B business to... Read on

Taco Bell Indonesia announces Dec. 18 opening date in Senopati

We’re getting closer to finally experience Taco Tuesdays with Taco Bell, as the American fast food chain has just announced the opening date for... Read on


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where to booze in Jakarta

Coconuts Jakarta Food & Drink

Jakarta is paradise for food lovers, giving them access to everything from incredibly cheap and tasty street food to fancy and sophisticated fine dining and everything in-between. But it can be hard to figure out what the best food options in town are, which is why we’re here to help. Of course, the main type of cuisine on offer in Jakarta is Indonesian food. You’ll find restaurants representing the culinary cultures of the entire archipelago in the capital, from ubiquitous and always delicious Padang restaurants to the fiery fare of Aceh and Manado to the island delights of Bali and Lombok. There is no other city on Earth with as wide a selection of Indonesian eats as here, and a few visits to Jakarta’s top Indonesian restaurants makes it easy to understand why our lands were once known as the spice islands. Of course there is much more to Jakarta’s F&B scene than Indonesian food, as the capital’s discerning gourmands also have a taste for authentic international fare. Other Asian cuisines are strongly represented among Jakarta’s restaurants, particularly Japanese, which you’ll find in forms ranging from fast food to ultra-luxurious omakase style menus; and Chinese cuisine, which has been incorporated in many ways into everyday Indonesian food (such as nasi goreng and mie ayam). There are also plenty of excellent Korean restaurants catering to their large expat population as well as a number of good Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. Western food is also becoming increasingly popular in Jakarta, with many American fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC having long been mainstays for middle class Indonesian families. These days, you’ll find more sophisticated and varied western fare including authentic French and Italian restaurants, increasingly run by Indonesian chefs trained overseas. Even though it’s on the island of Java, Jakarta’s coffee has only recently started catering to kopi connoisseurs, with many cool cafes that take coffee seriously started by Indonesians who studied in Australia and want to nurture that same cafe culture here. Although many Indonesians abstain from alcohol, you’ll find plenty of bars and nightclubs in Jakarta that serve up much more than just beer. Cocktail culture has come particularly far in the last few years, with two Jakarta bars even making the Top 50 Bars in Asia list.