Indonesian netizens hold their noses at Australian company’s Mi Goreng scented candles

Photos: (L) @indomie / Instagram (R) Grey Lines Australia
Photos: (L) @indomie / Instagram (R) Grey Lines Australia

The cult of Indomie has spread beyond the islands of Indonesia, bringing with it not just a fanatical devotion to the irresistible instant noodles but also a mad passion for mashing them up with every other kind of junk food imaginable. Over the last few years we’ve seen Indomie burritos, Indomie potato chips, Indomie burgers, Indomie donuts and even birthday cakes made out of Indomie.

Many of those Indomie fantasy fusions came from neighboring Australia, where Indonesia’s premier instant noodle brand is also beloved. But many Indonesian netizens are wrinkling their noses at the latest product to try and cash in on the Land Down Under’s infatuation with instant mi goreng, with some even calling it blasphemy.

That product is the “Mi Goreng Noodle Scented Candles” being sold by Australian gift vendor Grey Lines, which is currently available for purchase online for AUS$ 39.99 (IDR 400,000).

Soon after Singaporean news site Mothership caught wind of the noodley novelty, words of the Indomie-inspired aromatherapy product reached Indonesian netizens who quickly got hot over the candle and its duplicitous potential, as best exhibited by this viral tweet by @AgamaIndomie (“agama” meaning “religion” in Indonesian).

Imagine you just came home, felt tired, hungry, then you smell the aroma of fried noodles and think “Wow, awesome mi goreng”

But oh no there is no mi goreng. There’s only your australian friend, austin, lighting his / mie goreng scented candles

Screw you and your candles of lies, austin

Followed up by:

Other netizens also had some choice retorts for the creators of the culinary scented candle.

As some noted, it’s really a generic mi goreng candle, so even if it is unpleasant it need not harm the good name of Indomie.

We considered getting on the hate train as well, but then we looked at Grey Lines’ other scented candle options and decided that a company that makes a “Kanye’s Ego: Filled With Self Love, Arrogance And Conceitedness Cookie Dough Scented Candle” can’t be that bad.

So we leave it to you, dear readers. Does this Mi Goreng scented candle sound tantalizing or do you think it just plain stinks? Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook!


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