Coconuts Bali Viral

In this day and age, it doesn’t take much to become internet famous. Do something incredibly stupid (most often this one), super moving, or just plain surprising, and you could be the next internet sensation. This is especially true in Indonesia where people LOVE social media – as in practically live on it 24/7. Crazy posts spread like wildfire here, quickly going viral. Maybe it is a laughable video of a clueless dude getting “attacked” at Ubud Monkey Forest by a band of banana-hungry monkeys, or maybe it’s the story of how an action camera full of memories lost in Australia made its way all the way to its proper owners, kilometers away, in Bali (true story).Or how about the time the video of these badass Bali dogs cruising on top of a motorbike packed high with chopped grass was just everywhere? Viral stories sprouting out of Bali are one of our specialities at Coconuts Bali. We bring you the best (and worst) of the Bali web weeding through the darkest corners of the internet to show you all the new and noteworthy stories you need to hear about that netizens are busy posting, sharing, and commenting on from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram. The internet is a wild, crazy, fun, and even dangerous place, and we are proud to say we are full-time netizens.

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