Muscular, tattooed bro pushes Bali cop at traffic stop in viral clip

AAM, 29, pushed a police officer at a traffic stop around Sunset Road intersection in Kuta on Sep. 18, 2023. Photo: Screengrab.
AAM, 29, pushed a police officer at a traffic stop around Sunset Road intersection in Kuta on Sep. 18, 2023. Photo: Screengrab.

A video capturing a tense encounter between a foreign male and a police officer during a traffic stop at the Sunset Road Police Post in Badung, Bali, has circulated widely on social media platforms.

Reports say that the incident unfolded yesterday at around lunch hour. A passing motorist recorded the events as they transpired.

In the video, the foreigner, a burly man with tattooed arms and legs, can be seen pushing the police officer after being reprimanded. The foreigner was with a blonde woman wearing a tank top and light pink shorts. Tensions escalated when the officer addressed the woman.

According to the authorities, the altercation stemmed from a traffic stop due to the woman riding pillion without a helmet. 

“The woman riding pillion is also a foreigner, and she was not wearing a helmet,” said Bali Police spokesman Jansen Avitus told Coconuts Bali.

Upon noticing the foreigner without a helmet, police officers Puji Santoso and Nyoman Siki Asmara, stationed at a nearby police post, promptly approached the individuals. The two foreigners were then directed to the side of the road and stopped in front of the post.

Puji Santoso proceeded to inspect the foreigners’ vehicle documents, revealing a lack of the requisite papers such as a driver’s license and vehicle registration documents.

In response, the foreign man, dressed in a white shirt and operating the motorcycle, pushed the reprimanding police officer. 

“Possibly unhappy about being inspected because he felt he had violated the rules, the foreign national suddenly became angry and pushed Puji Santoso,” Jansen explained.

The clip of the altercation went viral, with netizens condemning the act and calling upon the police to arrest them so that they can be deported.

According to Jansen, after the push, Officer Nyoman Siki Asmara promptly intervened, offering clarification to the foreigner. Nyoman emphasized the mandatory compliance with traffic rules in Indonesia when operating a motorcycle, including the use of a helmet and carrying required documents.

“After being given a reprimand and an explanation about traffic rules, the foreign national was allowed to continue his journey,” clarified Jansen.


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