Police catch escapee from Denpasar detention cell in Central Java, shoot him in both legs for resisting arrest

Illustration. Photo: Flickr

Yesterday, police officers intercepted and arrested a prisoner, who had previously escaped from a detention cell in Denpasar, in the Pati regency of Central Java, where he had fled together with his wife. As reported by Bali Post, police say the arresting officers were forced to shoot the escapee in both legs because he tried to resist them.

Thirty-eight-year-old Jemmy Sinaga managed to escape from a Denpasar Police detention cell. together with fellow inmate Christoni Kaledi Bonung, on Sunday. An unnamed police source claimed that Sinaga had “hypnotized” the prison guards into sleep, allowing the pair to sneak past and nab the guards’ cell phones on their way out.

Christoni was intercepted three days later after being caught red-handed in the act of stealing more cell phones by local residents in Denpasar. During questioning, he told police the pair had managed to pick the lock with a hair clip given to them by Jemmy’s wife.

Jemmy, who is from East Java, had been initially arrested in connection with fraud and embezzlement cases.

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