Two suspected criminals escape from Denpasar Police detention, allegedly while guards were sleeping

With the guards asleep, the prisoners managed to break the lock of their cell door and escape. Photo: Pixabay

A pair of suspected criminals managed to escape from their detention cell at Denpasar Police station early on Sunday morning, breaking the door’s lock, allegedly after one used hypnosis to send the two guards to sleep.

“The two theft suspects are currently being pursued,” Denpasar Police Chief Ruddi Setiawan confirmed to Detik yesterday.

According to police, 22-year-old Christoni Kaledi Bonung and Jemmy Sinaga, 37, snuck past the snoozing guards at around 4am yesterday morning, taking the officers’ cell phones from the table on their way out.

It is believed that the pair then climbed over the north wall towards the highway. Half an hour later, the sleeping guards woke to realize their prisoners (and their cell phones) were gone.

Bonung, from Sumba, had been arrested on suspicion of theft while Sinaga, from East Java, had been arrested in connection with fraud and embezzlement cases. Both prisoners were known for acting up while in detention.

“They often took food, cigarettes and other prisoners’ money,” an unnamed police source to Nusa Bali.

According to the same source, Bonung was the one who allegedly hypnotized the guards, having previously used his skills to deceive fellow inmates out of food and other belongings. As a result, he was reportedly unpopular with the other prisoners.

The Denpasar Police say they have deployed their full force to hunt down the two escapees.

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