Sweat it out: 5 alternative workouts in Singapore to kick start your fitness routine

Photo: Uppercut Boxing/Facebook
Photo: Uppercut Boxing/Facebook

Forget treadmills and weights. And wasted gym memberships signed in the new year resolution rush. If you’re not the type to stick to routines, why not sweat it out at alternative workout classes instead?

Not your usual HIIT training sessions, these classes help to tone and shape your body while you burn calories and have fun at the same time. So if you’re tired of the same scenery at your go-to gym, try your hand at something different for a little variety this year.


Aqua boxing

Photo: Uppercut Boxing/Facebook
Photo: Uppercut Boxing/Facebook

Seems like 2018 was the year of aqua boxing – but if you’re still not on board with the trendy workout, it’s ain’t too late to strap on your boxing gloves. The stress-relieving cardio, strength, and fat-burning session plops you right into an underground club-like room complete with neon lights and a thumping playlist, so you’re already feeling tough and pumped up before you start on your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Fret not if you’re not into contact sports, ‘cause this is a non-combat workout with boxing bags full of water to lessen the impact on your wrist and knuckles. Plus, HIIT moves like planks and squats are also thrown in to ensure your entire body aches over the next few days in the best way. There’s never a dull moment here, so try it out for yourself at gyms like Ground Zero, Boom, and Uppercut.


Aqua spinning

Photo: Aquaspin/Facebook
Photo: Aquaspin/Facebook

Sure, you’ve tried spinning. But aqua spinning is entirely different, submerging more than half your body underwater for resistance training on a stationary bike. The calorie burn is massive, the aquatic surroundings are low-impact for joints, and the full-body exertion with various off-bike exercises helps to build muscle strength. A solid test of your endurance, this workout is no mere aqua aerobics class for grannies.   

You’ll find Aqua Spin’s classes organized weekly at four locations, including Hotel Jen Orchardgateway’s rooftop pool and the CBD’s swanky Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore.


Barre fitness

Photo: Called To The Barre/Facebook
Photo: Called To The Barre/Facebook

A combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, barre kicks your untoned muscles into lean shape with graceful moves that’ll help you shed your clumsiness. Forget the misconception that barre = no sweat, because the workout comes in all varieties, including HIIT versions. Most classes will have you execute controlled, isometric movements to build on endurance, flexibility, and strength, making it suitable for participants from all fitness levels.

To give it a go, sign up for lessons at studios like WeBarre, Barre2Barre, Upside Motion, Called to the Barre, or Barre Lab.


Combat Saber

Photo: The Saber Authority/Facebook
Photo: The Saber Authority/Facebook

Live out your Jedi Knight fantasies at a place not so far away with The Saber Authority, which pits you against your buddies in sparring duels to sharpen your finesse in swordsmanship. No choreographed fights here, just actual opponents with lit weapons.

These Star Wars-esque classes are held three times a week at Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, and the National Stadium Sports Hub, where you’ll be equipped with proper combat techniques to aid with your self-defense skills.



Photo: Surfset Singapore/Facebook
Photo: Surfset Singapore/Facebook

Pound workout, which made it to viral fame a while ago, lets you take on the persona of a grungy cool rockstar for an hour-long cardio jam sesh. While you clutch on to your weighted drumsticks, the energetic exercise blends cardio and strength training with yoga and Pilates movements to get you all toned up. You’ll need to have a decent rhythm and coordination to move to the beat, but those can be worked on during the class as well.

To rock out while you work out, hit up gyms like Surfset or Bolly Dancing.


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