Here comes the boom: Aqua boxing classes at this new CBD gym make fitness fun

Photo: Boom Singapore
Photo: Boom Singapore

Aqua boxing seems to be the next big fitness trend in Singapore, what with boutique gyms like Ground Zero, Still, and Box Office making their mark on our island over the past couple months. Having tried it out, we gotta say, we kind of get the hype, ’cause it’s a great way to actually make fitness fun and jump on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon without living in constant dread of your weekly workout.

Reception area. Photo: Boom Singapore

So it was with much anticipation that we swung by the CBD basement that houses newcomer Boom Singapore. Founded by two fitness fanatics — one of whom repped Singapore in swimming at the 2008 Olympics — the white-walled space is clean and minimal (with a few quirky illustrations thrown in), offering facilities like a personal training area, a chill lounge, a workout studio, rows of lockers, and changing/shower rooms.

The lockers. Photo: Boom Singapore

If you plan on giving it shot, definitely go for the signature BoomBox workout, a 10-round cardio and resistance sweat sesh that’ll have you exhausted but feelin’ good by the end of 45 minutes. All you need are your exercise outfit, boxing wraps (which they sell for $12) and boxing gloves (which they rent for free).

Open to couch potatoes and fitness junkies alike, the class begins with its friendly (and very enthusiastic) instructors giving newbies the lowdown on basic punching techniques, so you don’t completely lose your way when the fast-paced session begins. However, that also means first-timers have to arrive early — or you risk being shut out if you miss the safety introduction.

Fierce. Photo: Boom Singapore

Once the lights dim and the studio is awash in neon hues and energetic beats, things start to get a little hectic, with intense combinations involving jab, cross, front/back hook, and front/back uppercut movements. But fret not if you possess the memory of Finding Nemo‘s Dory — the exercises are projected on the wall in front of you, and instructors will make the rounds to ensure your form is on point. Unfortunately, this also means you can’t feign confusion to give yourself a breather.

Getting those muscles worked out. Photo: Boom Singapore

Throwing punches at the innocent aqua ballooned bags in front of you feels pretty fantastic, especially if you’ve just had the worst day at work and you need something to unleash your frustrations on. Plus, aqua bags are apparently better than sandbags, as they lessen the impact of your movements.

In between you acting out your boxing fantasies, the instructors will toss in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and ab workouts, all the while encouraging you to “NEVER GIVE UP”.

And so we lasted. And made ourselves proud. For it was not too long ago that we considered reaching for the TV remote as “exercise for the day”.

Community lounge area. Photo: Boom Singapore

Anyway, should you decide Boom Singapore is your new favorite gym, feel free to check out the 45-minute full-body circuit workout or the personal training sessions as well. A trial pass for two classes goes for $40, while a BoomCircuit trial goes for $20.


Boom Singapore is at #B1-00 TPI Building, 62 Cecil St. $38/one class, $180/five classes; personal training: $100/one person, $120/two people, $150/three people, $200/four people.

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