Gear up for boxing and spinning workouts in cool, neon-lit rooms at new gym Ground Zero

The Rumble room. Photo: Ground Zero/Facebook
The Rumble room. Photo: Ground Zero/Facebook

Gym buffs, here’s a new boutique gym for you to get your adrenaline pumping. Stashed away in the Clarke Quay area, Ground Zero beckons the after-work fitness crowd with its trippy, neon-lit rooms blasting pounding beats. The fact that it only offers two types of classes — boxing and spinning — doesn’t really matter, because both are equally as exhilarating as they are a satisfying sweat sesh.

Located on the third floor, the gym’s industrial decor is the first thing you notice about the space, which is a tad small, although it never feels too cramped or crowded. The usual shower facilities and lockers are provided, as well as changing rooms and vanity corners equipped with body lotion, towels, and hairdryers, alongside shower cubicles offering Ashley and Co. products.

Photo: Ground Zero/Facebook

Unfortunately, just like everything else in the CBD, workouts here don’t come cheap — newbies can either opt for a seven-day unlimited trial at $55 or splash out on one session for $45. But once you get used to the rhythm of things and decide you want in, you can always purchase classes in bulk at a lower rate. (For example, 50 classes for $1500 works out to $30 per class.)

If you’re keen to try, the workouts here are definitely cooler than what you’ll find at your regular gym. The moment you step into the studio, you’re greeted by lines of neon lights in an otherwise dimly-lit room — it’s basically like exercising in a hip underground club, where your worries of fitness freaks judging your every noob move will pleasantly float away, because it’s simply too dark for any of your flaws to be visible.

The Ride room. Photo: Ground Zero/Facebook

Separated into two categories, Ride is a cardio-intensive spinning session, while Rumble is an uptempo boxing class where you can happily envision the face of your nemesis on the punching bag. Those who sign up to ride can expect a 50-minute choreographed routine on a stationary bike to the blaring beat of high energy tunes, with a couple push-ups on the handlebar and upper body exercises tossed into the mix.

As for the fight classes, you’ll be handed a pair of boxing wraps and boxing globes before you enter. Offered on the house, the workout gear is freshly cleaned, without a hint of any lingering sweat stench, thankfully. Even if you’re never hurled a punch at anyone in your life, the music-fueled boxing class is suitable for beginners, with friendly instructors to guide you and an emphasis on arm work and strength training.

It may take a couple rounds for you to get into the swing of things, but once you find your momentum, jabbing the heavy punching bags filled with water becomes quite the stress reliever.

Check us out, looking all cool and shit. Photo: Coconuts Media

Oh, and be sure to arrive a few minutes earlier to get settled in — it’s never a good idea to rush into a class and throw yourself in halfway through the workout.


Ground Zero is at L3, 38 Carpenter St. Mon-Fri 6am-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 7:30am-6:30pm. $45 for one class, $200 for five, $380 for 10.

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