New Telok Ayer boutique fitness studio Uppercut fuses high-intensity workouts with boxing exercises

Photo: Uppercut
Photo: Uppercut

A new boutique boxing studio has entered the ring — Uppercut, a fitness spot at Telok Ayer, wants to bring boxing-inspired group workouts to the masses.

Photo: Uppercut

It’s all about attaining peak physical condition through the fusion of cardio-heavy high-intensity workouts and fight sports… without getting socked in the face at all. The studio offers a welcoming environment to provide an all-inclusive experience for both beginners and #fitspo veterans with the help of pumping hip-hop and EDM tunes, as well as the guidance of experienced trainers.

Nothing like some super-fit instructors to make you feel self-conscious about your own body. Photo: Uppercut

Classes are split into two: “Undercard” for novices and “Overthrow” for the seasoned. The former is a 50-minute foundation class for all newbies, where trainers help you develop a basic boxing skill set including footwork, jabs, and hooks — you may be amazed at how you’ve been throwing punches wrongly this whole time. “Overthrow” will have you going through a dynamic 50-minute burnout class to push you to your limits through 12 rounds of extreme endurance-strength workouts.

Photo: Uppercut

Classes are held in a slick 22-capacity studio, which houses 11 floor stations and 11 aqua training bags — all dimly lit so you can’t see your flab jiggling around in the reflection. (A definite plus in our book.)

Photo: Uppercut
Photo: Uppercut

Amenities-wise, the gym provides lockers for you to stash your stuff, with gloves on loan. Co-ed bathrooms — which may or may not take you some time to get used to — are equipped with showers, changing areas, and vanity counters offering everything you need, including soap, shampoo, towels, and hairdryers.

Photos: Uppercut

Customized workouts are also available for those who want to focus on certain elements — for example, “PT Sessions” are open for folks to attempt a 1-1 or 1-2 ring bout with Uppercut trainers.

So if you’ve made it your mission to get fit this year, you might as well go for a new gym near your work place where you can let loose your week’s stresses in the name of exercise.

Photo: Uppercut

Uppercut is at 155A/157A Telok Ayer St, 6224-1157. Opening hours depend on class timings.

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