What quarter-life crisis? Indonesians reject pressure to financially succeed by 25

Photo: Twitter and PxHere/Mohamad Trilaksono
Photo: Twitter and PxHere/Mohamad Trilaksono

What do you hope to have achieved by the time you were 25? 

One can only go as far as planning where they want to be once they’ve reached their quarter-life milestone, but the matter has become a hugely trending topic on Indonesian social media after financial standards set forth by one Instagram account led to netizens rejecting unrealistic expectations.

At least since yesterday, several accounts on Twitter started sharing screenshots of a paid Instagram post by financial motivation page @menjadikaya ⁠⁠— which aptly translates to “becoming rich.” 

The post, headlined with “What would 25-year-olds ideally have?,” lists down the four things that young adults should already have at that age: IDR100 million (US$7,043) in savings, a nearly-all-paid mortgage, a private vehicle, and earn at least IDR8 million (US$563) monthly.

That may be unrealistic to most, given that according to 2020 data, the average Indonesian salary in the most lucrative sector, mining and excavation, is IDR5.1 million (US$361) per month.

This incited less than enthusiastic responses from netizens — with most of them resisting the idea that these are markers of success at the age of 25. The discourse expanded further to the point that the interchangeable Indonesian terms “Usia 25” and “Umur 25” (25 years old) trended on Twitter today. 

What do 25-year-olds have? Obviously anxiety, overthinking, and insecurity. Me and my quarter-life crisis.

Another user quoted Coldplay’s Fix You to best describe what being 25 actually feels like.

Does being 25 ideally have IDR100 million? It doesn’t have to be like that. There are no limitations of “ideal,” “supposedly” at a certain age, it’s just made up by our collective fantasy. As long as you’re growing, then that’s enough.

Meanwhile, some pointed out that 25-year-olds should equip themselves with traditional medications such as Tolak Angin or popular massage oil brand Kutus-Kutus, alluding to how people in the age bracket tend to be overworked.

After all the discussions that it has unleashed, it’s a bit of a plot twist that the second slide on @menjadikaya’s paid post actually sounds like what the tweets above conveyed.

“…because I only made them up! Don’t let yourself be dictated by what people say, that makes us feel like we have to fulfill their expectations,” the post reads.

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