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In a city of just over 10 million people (over 30 million if the surrounding satellite cities of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi were included) and many different cultures, news in Jakarta is obviously as varied as it is plentiful. Being a capital city, it’s a given that Jakarta news mostly revolves around politics and economics on a regular day. Jakarta’s Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama is quite the headline maker, as he’s known to be a no-nonsense, assertive figure who’s actually proving to be the leader the city needs in order for it to progress infrastructurally, socially, and economically. He also has his critics – many of whom like to discredit him based on his race and religion, as Ahok is a double minority as both Chinese and a Christian. Apart from coverage of men in suits and ties (and batik), Jakarta’s news sphere also heavily features crime stories. Many Jakartan crime stories have been covered and obsessed about nationally, the biggest of which in recent times is the case of Wayan Mirna Solihin, who was allegedly murdered in early 2016 by her friend, Jessica Kumala Wongso, who apparently slipped cyanide in her coffee. Of course, there is also good and uplifting news coming out of Jakarta, like stories of selfless citizens who dedicate their time and effort to help other people, such as victims of flooding, which is quite a regular occurrence in parts of Jakarta, especially during the monsoon season.

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