Viral: Little boy, afraid of getting circumcised, stays up on roof for three hours before being talked down

Photo: Anik Sutari / Facebook
Photo: Anik Sutari / Facebook

Most Indonesian boys, especially Muslims, get circumcised around the age of five. Many remember the procedure with a certain fondness since circumcisions are traditionally treated as a rite of passage into manhood that is rewarded with parties and presents. But there’s no doubt that the idea of having someone take a knife to your most sensitive region is a terrifying thought for most boys (and men) so we completely understand what was going through this kid’s mind.


The above photo was shared on Facebook by Anik Sutari, a doctor living in the city of Serang in Banten, along with the story of how the little boy ended up sitting on a roof and how he eventually got down. 

Dr. Anik starts the caption off by writing: “Throughout my professional history, out of the 20 years I have been doing circumcisions and the thousands of children I have circumcised, this is the first time I’ve seen a child flee to the top of the roof.”

The doctor says everybody tried to talk the boy down, but nobody dared to come up to the roof out of fear the child might run away and endanger his safety. After two hours of waiting there were still no signs that the child wanted to go down, but suddenly his parents thought to call the boy’s teacher.

Soon after, Dr. Anik wrote, the boy’s teacher arrived on the scene and, with a little persuasion, was finally able to talk to boy down. 

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“And even more miraculous …… the child walked alone to the place where the circumcision was going to take place and positioned himself for the procedure, without being led or forced by anyone …”

The doctor said the boy didn’t struggle, cry or complain of pain at all during the circumcision. 

Dr. Anik then muses that the actual circumcision only took 10 minutes, but she had to wait three hours to perform it. But she ends by saying that three hours is not a long time compared to the valuable lesson she got from a great person, the boy’s teacher (unfortunately, the doctor doesn’t describe what exactly the teacher said to the boy, but it must’ve been one hell of a speech).

The circumcision story has gone viral since Dr. Anik posted it on Monday, amassing over 2,000 likes and over 900 shares.

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