Taiwanese man agrees to circumcision in order to marry Indonesian woman

Illustration, obviously, because the real thing would be too horrific.
Illustration, obviously, because the real thing would be too horrific.

Love can be a powerful thing. As pointed proof of that, we offer up this story of a Taiwanese man who was willing to part with the tip of his manhood to marry the Indonesian woman he loves.

We’ve seen countless stories in the local Indonesian media about foreigners giving up a lot to be with the love of their lives in Indonesia, but this man’s forsaking of his foreskin ranks among the most valiant of them all.

Jayanti, a 23-year-old resident of Cirebon, West Java, tied the knot with 34-year-old Taiwanese man Zhou Hong Ze in her home village yesterday. Jayanti was a domestic helper in Taiwan, who worked as Hong Ze’s father’s personal caregiver. Meanwhile, the media described Hong Ze as “a rich Taiwanese who owns four companies.”

“We met on January 27, 2017. We were set up by my employer,” Jayanti said after the wedding, as quoted by JPNN.

From there, the couple apparently fell hard and fast in love.

Three months after they first met, the couple agreed to get married. However, Jayanti gave Hong Ze a couple of conditions: that they wed according to her culture’s customs, and for him to adopt Islam and the requirements that go with it, including circumcision for males.

Affirming his commitment to Jayanti, Hong Ze officially converted to Islam on Monday. On Wednesday, the couple was paraded on horseback around Jayanti’s village, attracting much local attention. Later that day, Hong Ze underwent the religious snipping procedure.

After officially becoming husband and wife yesterday, it’s hard to imagine the newlyweds will be consummating their marriage anytime soon. After all, the predicted recovery time for circumcision for an adult is around 2-3 weeks.

What a keeper this Hong Ze fella has proven himself to be. Here’s hoping that the newlyweds find eternal happiness together.

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  1. Ouch! Somebody should have told him that the Qur’an says NOT ONE WORD about genital cutting for either gender. The Qur’an DOES say we are created perfectly, in need of no alteration.

  2. What an immensely bad idea. When she leaves him in a year, he gets to live with less sexual sensation for the rest of his life.
    Real love doesn’t ask you to remove body parts to please your mate. Real love accepts you how you are, for who you are.
    I’m not sure what this is, but I am sure what it isn’t.

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