Somebody tell ‘er: Faulty overhead screen mirrors ATM transaction for all to see

An overhead screen mirroring ATM transaction screen below. Photo: Twitter
An overhead screen mirroring ATM transaction screen below. Photo: Twitter

An Indonesian bank has apologized for a technical error that saw a woman’s ATM transaction being displayed on an external screen for everybody to see, the video of which went viral this week.

The video, uploaded by Twitter user @AffiAssegaf, shows a woman depositing IDR900K (US$63.52) in cash into her Bank Central Asia (BCA) account via an ATM in Ragunan, South Jakarta. We know this because the ATM’s overhead screen, which ordinarily displays transaction instructions and ads, was mirroring the transaction screen below.

After the video went viral, BCA reportedly immediately fixed the technical malfunction. The Twitter user also posted a follow up video showing that the matter has been resolved.

“In regards to the faulty ATM screen as widely circulated on social media, we apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it caused,” BCA spokeswoman Hera F Haryn said in a press release issued yesterday.

BCA says it routinely carries out inspection and maintenance on all 17,415 ATMs throughout Indonesia. The bank did not offer a detailed explanation on the technical malfunction in this incident.

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