Indonesian officials on lookout for David Bond, ‘pick up artist’ accused of sexually exploiting women throughout Asia

Photo of David Bond AKA David Campbell (left) with his friend, Josh, taken as a screenshot from Campbell’s Youtube video dated October 8, 2017, shot in Jakarta.
Photo of David Bond AKA David Campbell (left) with his friend, Josh, taken as a screenshot from Campbell’s Youtube video dated October 8, 2017, shot in Jakarta.

Indonesian authorities say they are looking into reports that an American YouTuber who sells video guides on how to sexually exploit Asian women is currently in the country.

The misogynistic creep, who goes by David Bond (real name David Campbell), has toured extensively throughout Asia, where he has filmed vlogs sharing his experiences on picking up and bedding girls in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, among others. He sells his videos online via his Wordpress websites, and there have been accusations that he has sold his sex tapes featuring unwitting women he picked up to premium customers.

The latest videos on Campbell’s YouTube channel were shot in Jakarta. One of the videos, posted yesterday, documents Campbell and his friend, who goes by Josh/Yoshi in the video, meeting up with two girls and visiting West Jakarta’s Central Park mall, Kota Tua (Old Town), and Monas (National Monument).

If you refuse to click the video out of disgust, your apprehension is not unfounded, as the video is filled with misogynistic and racist comments. Campbell and his friend also are seemingly unaware of Indonesia’s blasphemy laws, mocking religion at several points throughout the video.

Here are some of the most infuriating quotes we picked out from the video:

“If I made out with a girl here, I’d probably get killed by ISIS. I would, and she would, like be burned at the stake or something.”

“Basically, Western girls or American girls, they dress really slutty. Do you know the word “slutty”? They dress like hooker [sic]. So it’s really confusing. Seems like in Asia if a girl is actually a kid, she dresses like a kid, not like frickin’ Miley Cyrus.”

“Do you not listen to the ‘aaa’ (coming from the mosque)? I’m the one with the microphone, with the big speaker, waking everyone up when they’re sleeping.”

“She was wearing underwear with a fake butt. Dude, for real man. I felt it.”

The news of Campbell’s arrival to Jakarta has also been widely shared in viral posts on Facebook, telling women to exercise caution should they meet him or his friend.

Indonesian authorities have also been made aware of Campbell, with the Jakarta Metro Police saying he could potentially be investigated and the Immigration Office saying an intel team would monitor him and his friend while they’re here.

Two years ago, a petition was launched on urging Wordpress to take down Campbell’s website. The petition, which has been closed but reveals Campbell’s sexcapades in Asia in more detail, can be found here. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have accomplished its goal as Campbell’s websites are still accessible online.


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