Warning: Sex maniac David Bond back in Thailand to screw Asian women, literally and figuratively

An American “pickup artist,” who makes a living selling videos on bedding Asian girls has been spotted recently in Bangkok trying to pick up Thai women.

Vlogger, Asian dating guide creator and media manipulator David Bond has been been in the press again after Thai women have taken to social media with requests to remove the alleged “sex pest” from the country after reports that he allegedly secretly films the women he picks up, sells the sex tapes online and has AIDS.  

A popular Thai Facebook page Black Hat wrote that Bond has been spotted on Khao San Road and Terminal 21. He has approached women with unimaginative lines like, “You’re beautiful. Can I have your LINE ID?”

“He would have sex with these women and secretly film them. Then sell the videos on his website for other farangs to watch,” Black Hat wrote.

The Black Hat post has been widely shared. Thai women have flocked to the comments section to warn each other to be careful. Some joked that Bond could use an accidental “ladyboy experience.”

The local media are also reporting on Bond, as a “warning to Thai women.”

Bond has, of course, used this media blitz to run a sale on his last Thailand video dating guide.

So, who is this guy? Is he a predator? Is he a second-rate version of the pickup artists made famous by the book “The Game?” Is he a pornographer?

Ostensibly, he’s a guy that quit his job to travel and do what he loved. That was three years ago. In that time, he’s amassed 24,000 YouTube followers and created a business selling guides to getting laid in various Asian locales.

So, we guess he discovered that what he loves is bedding Asian women with dubious cons and scams, (possibly) selling sex tapes the women aren’t aware of and (definitely) selling video guides to bedding Asian women that also include lame tips on banking and finding apartments in Asian countries that anyone could find online.

His free videos are full of the BS life lessons repeated on every travel blog and the tired rhetoric of every douchey “global nomad” to ever don a pair of elephant pants. He films himself in the same kind of roof top pool we all have at our condos.

Bond has already sullied Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan with his skankiness. Now he’s here to darken our days, according to videos he has shot and posted since May of this year.

Comments left by buyers of his dating videos thank him for routines like “Lost key” and “Gift approach” which make him sound no better than the goofy pick up artists from “The Game,” Neil Strauss’ best-selling 11-year-old expose on the real lives of pickup artists.

A few days ago, Bond announced via video that there were no sex clips and he doesn’t have AIDS. However, people familiar with his work, note that one of his sites has been taken down and several of his videos removed.

In May, he told The Rice Daily, “For now I just want to enjoy life in Thailand where all I do is sleep in late, swim in my rooftop pool with my girlfriends, and go out to do street photography. “ What a douche.


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