Born on opening ceremony day, Indonesian parents name baby ‘Asian Games’

Adibah Asian Games, born on the same day as the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony. Photo: Sinar Harian
Adibah Asian Games, born on the same day as the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony. Photo: Sinar Harian

Asian Games fever swept some people way more than others, apparently, with one couple naming their child after the second-biggest multi-sport event in the world.

August 18, 2018 was a historic day for Indonesia, especially for Asian Games co-host cities Jakarta and Palembang, with the opening ceremony of the games taking place in the capital city’s Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium. A baby girl was also born in Palembang that day, and she will forever be associated with the Asian Games thanks to her unique name, which has gone viral recently.

“Praise God, we received an Asian Games blessing, a historic moment. That’s why we named our child Adibah Asian Games,” father Yordania Denny told Merdeka yesterday.

Yordania said baby Adibah Asian Games was born a month ahead of the doctor’s prediction, and that he has high hopes for her to be a successful athlete as her name might imply.

“I want my child to be a great athlete. When she’s bigger I will train her in any sport. Hopefully it will come true,” he said.

Well, all the best of luck to Adibah Asian Games. We, too, expect gold medals from you in the future.

Adibah Asian Games is not the only Indonesian with a unique name. Last year, for example, a couple in South Tangerang named their baby Pajero Sport due to the father’s love for the Mitsubishi SUV. Other Indonesians with funny names to go viral in recent years include Kentut (which translates to fart), Tuhan (God), and Saiton (Satan).

Check out our video below for even more ordinary Indonesians with extraordinary names:

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