​Viral: Nabi joins Tuhan and Saiton to complete the holy trinity of spiritual Indonesian names

In terms of numbers, it looks like good is winning over evil in Indonesia. After two men named Tuhan (‘God’) and Saiton (‘the devil’) shot to fame in Indonesia, Nabi (‘prophet’) has entered the ring to tip the balance to the side of good.

Nabi is a 67-year-old man from a village in Pamekasan, East Java. If he were a real prophet, then we would say he lived through extreme trials and hardships, which he eventually overcame with wisdom and devotion to god. But fortunately for him, this Nabi lives a humble and ordinary life with his wife and two children.

In fact, he had reservations about being exposed to the public, considering how religious organizations like the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) tried to get Tuhan to change his name. 

“I might cause controversy because my name is Nabi,” he humbly told Tribunnews yesterday. 

Unlike Saiton, who initially didn’t like his name and tried to change it, Nabi is actually proud of his name. 

“I’m proud of this name because my father gave it to me,” he said.

Nabi said his name never really caused a fuss until reporters recently located him and knocked on his door. While Tuhan and Saiton both had their 15 minutes of fame in the national media, we hope Nabi stays put in humble Pamekasan because at this point, the joke is getting a little old.


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