Creative space M Bloc is screening award-winning Indonesian films in an open-air cinema every Sunday this month

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Jakarta prepares strict health protocols for imminent cinema reopening

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Indonesia’s first drive-in concert held in Semarang

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Former Kangen Band vocalist Andika gains newfound respect after featuring same-sex couples in new music video

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Jakarta cinemas won’t reopen on July 29 as pandemic rages on

Put your cinematic expectations on hold as cinemas in Jakarta — previously slated for... Read on


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Coconuts Jakarta Lifestyle

We know, it’s not easy living in Jakarta. The horrific traffic, the flooding, the general chaos and inefficiency all add up to an endless obstacle course of frustrations that all Jakartans must navigate just to maintain their sanity. That is why free time is especially precious to Jakartans and why we take our lifestyle coverage very seriously. We offer unbiased opinions and critical takes on what’s happening in Jakarta’s entertainment and cultural scene to offer you with reliable and honest suggestions on how you can spend your valuable free time. As an archipelago nation created through the union of a huge number of distinct kingdoms and tribes - each with their own languages, arts and traditions - Indonesia has an incredibly rich cultural heritage to draw upon. As the country’s capital, Jakarta is the melting pot of all of those different cultures and traditions, which are both preserved and pushed forward by the city’s artists and creative leaders. Unfortunately, cultural spaces in Jakarta are much rarer than they should be for a city of this size. The number of museums, theaters and other exhibition venues in the capital is slowly growing, but most Jakartans don’t have a lot of access to cultural performances beyond TV and movie theaters. This is why we at Coconuts Jakarta takes pride in trying to publish information about the most interesting cultural events taking place in the capital, so that we can both support the art scene and help our readers find new cultural experiences to explore.

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