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Coconuts Jakarta Lifestyle

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is famous for a few things: traffic, floods, chaos and traffic. But there’s so much more to this big crazy metropolis than meets the eye, and it’s all those hidden wonders - the hilarious, the heartbreaking, the beautiful, the delicious - that we at Coconuts Jakarta hope to bring to our readers (plus, all the latest and greatest ways to complain about the traffic). And not just about the capital, but all of Indonesia. We are the alternative English-language news site about the country of 250 million, always striving to bring readers the latest stories that aren’t getting covered in the mainstream media. We cover fast-breaking news on everything from politics to pop culture, with a special emphasis on what’s blowing up and going viral on the Indonesian interwebs. For those living in Jakarta, we offer independent, critical recommendations on the best art exhibitions, cultural events and music gigs happening in the capital, with weekly guides on how you can best spend your precious free time. And of course, we’re constantly looking for the best eats that Jakarta can offer - from guides to the capital’s amazing street food to honest reviews of the latest high-end culinary hotspots, Coconuts Jakarta is one of the few offering critical takes for discerning foodies. While we’re best known for seeking out the latest viral phenomenons, Coconuts Jakarta is also serious about trying to add to the conversation with longer in-depth features, thought-provoking opinion pieces and insightful columns. We believe in Indonesia’s creed of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ("Unity in Diversity") and always try to uphold and fight for the rights of all Indonesians who are discriminated against because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.